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Donald Trump Jr Joins Telegram, Calls Tech Giants 'tyrants' In A Tweet

The eldest child of former US President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. announced on Twitter on January 23 that he has joined Telegram and called it 'free space'

Donald Trump Jr

The eldest child of former US President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr announced on Twitter on January 23 that he has joined Telegram. Calling the freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software and application service, a “free place”. Trump Jr. called on his followers to follow his channel on the platform as according to him tech giants’ ‘censorship’ is becoming “worse”. Following the suspension of his father’s social media accounts in the wake of US Capitol attack earlier this month, Trump Jr said that “tyrants” can ban anyone if they banned the former POTUS. Since the tweet was posted on the American microblogging platform, Trump Jr's channel has garnered 783,823 members on Telegram.

Recently, Former United States President Donald Trump’s eldest son faced backlash for his tweet on father that stated that he was the first-ever President in history who 'did not start a new war'. This was just days after Trump was banned from social media for inciting the US Capitol riot and his followers stormed the federal building, broke windows, slammed doors and even threatened to 'hang Mike Pence' and stole House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's laptop. The riot on January 6, led to the death of at least five people.

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Facebook Awaits Decision Of Independent Oversight Board

Meanwhile, Facebook on January 21 said that its independent experts will rule on whether indefinitely suspending former US President Donald Trump’s account for “fomenting insurrection” should remain or not. In a statement addressing the issue of removing Trump’s accounts from Facebook and Instagram after his supporters stormed the US Capitol, Nick Clegg VP of Global Affairs of the company called it “necessary and right”. The social media giant is now referring to the judgement of its independent oversight board, initially known as Facebook ‘supreme court’, the judgement of which can not be overruled by the chief executive officer of the company, Mark Zuckerberg. 

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