Donald Trump's '4eva' Tweet After Acquittal Leaves Netizens Annoyed

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After being acquitted of all charges by the US Senate, Donald Trump shared a video showing mocked-up Time magazine cover. Anti-Trump netizens left annoyed

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:
Donald Trump

Moments after being acquitted of all charges on both articles of impeachment by the United States Senate, President Donald Trump took to Twitter and shared a video showing him running for President till eternity. The video showed a mocked-up Time magazine cover which featured Trump campaign posters dated for every four years of the future. Back in 2018, the magazine also made the case for why 'Trumpism will outlast Trump'. 

However, the 30-second video clip did not go well with netizens. While some pointed out that he can only serve two terms, others explained what dictatorship is. 

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Trump was acquitted of all charges on both articles of impeachment as the Republican-majority Senate voted 52-48 to acquit the US President of abuse of power and 53-47 to acquit him of obstruction of Congress.

Only one Republican, 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney voted to convict the President. The Utah Senator announced his decision hours before the voting took place. In an eight-minute-long speech, Romney said that he believed that what the President did was "very wrong" and that he was following his "conscience." 

'Ongoing threat to American democracy'

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also reportedly denounced the Senate's decision and said that he remains 'an ongoing threat to American democracy'. The Speaker, in a statement, said that the US President and Senate Republicans have normalized lawlessness and rejected the system of checks and balances of the constitution. Pelosi further added that President Trump remains a threat to US' democracy with his insistence that he is above the law and that he can 'corrupt the elections' if he wants to.

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