Here's A List Of Barack Obama's 19 Favourite Books From 2019

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Barack Obama in his tweet released his must-read list of 2019 with recommendations including fiction, essay compilations, biographies and sports-related books.

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Former United States President Barack Obama in his recent tweet released his must-read list of 2019 with recommendations including fiction, essay compilations, biographies, and even a couple of sports-related books. In Obama's this year's release of his favourite novels, the first book was The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff, which is about the perils of social engineering and behaviour modification that lives within the horrors of modern-day surveillance capitalism. Another book was Sally Rooney's Normal People

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Obama's annual list consists of 19 favourite books of his. In a longer post on Instagram, Obama also noted how his annual lists had become 'a fun little tradition'. He also said that a list of his favourite movies and music of 2019 is also coming soon. 

In the Instagram post, he wrote, “This has become a fun little tradition for me, and I hope it is for you, too. Because while each of us has plenty that keeps us busy, outlets like literature and art can enhance our day-to-day experiences. They’re the fabric that helps make up a life—the album that lifts us up after a long day, the dog-eared paperback we grab off the shelf to give to a friend, the movie that makes us think and feel in a new way, works that simply help us escape for a bit. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did”. 

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Obama's interaction with 3 month-old baby

Obama recently also took over the internet when a video of him interacting with a baby went viral. In the video, he could be seen walking up to a family to interact with their three-month-old baby. The clip that lasts 25-seconds was shared by a Twitter user, Andrea Jones who is the baby's aunt.

The heartwarming video is from Hawaii's Marine corps base Kaneohe bay golf course where Obama was playing golf, however, the former President decided to walk from his van when he spotted a little baby asking, "Who is this cutie pie?" Obama then takes her into his arms after knowing her name and says "Hi Riley. She is a cutie Pie. How are you doing Riley?" He then kisses the forehead of little Riley. 

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