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Hillary Clinton Says Trump Would Only Be Acquitted If Jury Includes His Co-conspirators

Top Democrat Hillary Clinton on Feb 10, suggested that an acquittal in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial would only come if the jury includes co-conspirators.

Hillary Clinton says Trump would only be acquitted if jury includes his co-conspirators

In an indirect but scathing attack on Republicans, top Democrat Hillary Clinton on February 10, suggested that an acquittal in former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial would only come if the jury includes his “co-conspirators.” Taking to Twitter, the former US State Secretary said that if the Senate fails to convict the former president it would not be because of “facts” or a “competent defence” but because of sordid favours from the jury. Democrats have blatantly called for Trump’s conviction stating that there should not be any “January exception” for presidents to flout laws.

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Clinton’s tweet came after the second day of arguments from House impeachment managers before the Senate. Two Democrats, Reps. David Cicilline and Joaquin Castro attempted to draw a direct line between the rioters and the former president, citing at least one person reading a tweet from Trump attacking the vice president over a megaphone during the riot. In addendum, the nine impeachment managers also introduced never-before-seen footage of Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman apparently directing Sen. Mitt Romney away from the House side of the Capitol, The Hill reported.

What’s Trump’s defence?

Trump reportedly assembled his legal team just 10 days before the Senate voted on whether it should proceed with the trial or not. He also appeared to have fallen out with his first legal team which was led by Butch Bowers. Now, the former US President is being defended by lawyers David Schoen and Bruce L Castor. The duo, that US media outlets state lack in experience, claimed that his speech did not amount to call a storm the Capitol. Trump’s impeachment lawyers have not only dismissed the trial as ‘unconstitutional’ but also said that the former US President was exercising his first amendment rights. 

Meanwhile, Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi have also opined that if convicted, Trump would be barred from taking any public office in future, which would be an apt “punishment” for somebody who tried to hold on to power by unconstitutional means. Lastly, they have also opposed the “January exception” stating that there should be no exception for presidents who commit impeachable offences just before they leave the office.

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