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Indian-American Couple Rolls Out Digital Campaign To Support Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

An Indian-American couple has rolled out a digital graphic campaign in Hindi to persuade the community to vote for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris in US Election 2020.


An Indian-American couple has rolled out a digital graphic campaign in Hindi to persuade the community to vote for Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris in the US Election 2020. As per PTI report, Biden supporters, Ajay and Vinita Bhutoria launched a campaign titled as ‘Trump Hatao America Bachao' and 'Biden Harris ko Jitao, America Ko Aage Badao’ on October 12 in 14 Indian languages.

The main focus of the digital campaign are the battleground states where every single vote matters with the Indian-American community playing a prominent role in the election results. In a statement, Bhutoria said that these states include  Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, along with three southern states Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona. They collectively have at least 127 electoral votes in the upcoming November elections. 

“The Indian American Votes will be the margin of victory and make the winning difference in battleground states,” he said. “We are determined to turn out the 1.3 million Indo American votes for Biden.”

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‘Chale Chalo Biden ko vote do’ 

Earlier, in support of the Democratic Party, a music video in 14 Indian languages was released with Bollywood music. The clip was uploaded on YouTube by Ajay Jain Bhutoria, who is the National Finance Committee member of the Biden campaign. The video presents the ‘diversity of people’ in the South Asian community and is inspired by Biden’s vision of hope and change. 

Bhutoria said that the clip is aimed to educate South Asian Americans about how to register, sign up for election reminders, request mail-in ballots, learn about early voting options and to encourage the community to vote for Biden-Harris in the November 3 election. He said that the music video ‘Chale Chalo Biden ko vote do’ is a hit among the community and the new series of graphics, including ‘Jaago America, Jaago, Bhul Na Jaana Biden-Haaris ko Vote Dena’, is a step forward in the series of outreach in 14 plus languages.

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