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Ex-US Envoy Nikki Haley Slams Biden & Harris; Supports Trump In Re-election

US Republican politician Nikki Haley, on October 11, slammed Democratic nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for advancing leftist agenda.


The former US Ambassador to the UN and the Republican politician Nikki Haley, on October 11, slammed Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for advancing leftist agenda. In a series of tweets, Haley hit out at Biden for being a ‘status quo’ on China and wanting to revive the Iran nuclear deal. On the other hand, she also criticised Democratic vice presidential nominee Harris’ policies and said that they are reflective of her leftist agenda. 

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The 48-year-old Indian-American has so far refrained herself from publicly criticising Harris, however, she has now come out in open against her policies. In one tweet, Haley wrote that Harris pledged to repeal the 2017 tax cut and invest in the American people, revealing the ‘left’s fundamental philosophy’ that government is better equipped to spend people’s money that the people themselves. In another tweet, the Republican politician slammed Biden and Harris for their foreign policy views on an issue like Iran and Climate change. 

While supporting Trump in his re-election, Haley said that Biden and Harris went to revive Iran nuclear deal, but Trump administration, on the other hand, ‘eliminated’ the ‘terrorist masterminds’. In a separate tweet, the 48-year-old talked about the Democratic leaders supporting $2 trillion versions of Green New Deal and Trump administration countering that with reducing CO2 levels through free-market innovation. 

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Biden-Harris administration would be ‘worse’ 

Meanwhile, previously, Haley has touted Trump’s ‘record of strength and success’ as opposed to rival Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden’s ‘record of weakness and failure’. According to the ex-US envoy, Trump’s stringent approach towards China has beneficial and former US Vice President wants to ‘apologise, abstain, and abandon’ values of America. Haley had said that “a Biden-Harris administration would be much, much worse. Last time, Joe'’s boss was Obama... this time, it would be Pelosi, Sanders, and the Squad. Their vision for America is socialism. And we know that socialism has failed everywhere”. 

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