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Mary Trump Backs Impeachment Calls, Says US President Is In 'desperate Shape'

Mary said that the US Capitol attack ignited the September 11 feeling for her, she, however, wasn’t surprised by “any of this”. She called Trump a 'narcissist'.

Mary Trump

Mary Trump on January 9 told Insider that her uncle US President Donald Trump needed to be impeached immediately as he is in “desperate shape,” and is going to “burn it all down.” Trump’s niece, who has often called her uncle Donald Trump ‘cruel and traitorous’ was undergoing a therapy session at Cape Cod when the pro-Trump mob sieged the US Capitol building. Trump will “sow more chaos and division, [and] if he’s going down, he’s going to take us all down with him”, the US president’s niece was quoted as saying by sources of Observer on Biden-Harris’ victory edition. She said that it was worrying to think what the US president might do, to vent out his anger, as he wasn’t reelected for the office of the presidency. 

Speaking separately with Insider, Mary said that the US Capitol attack ignited the September 11 feeling for her, she, however, wasn’t surprised by “any of this”. She further criticized the insurrectionist mob, saying that not just the lack of response but polite assistance to the revolting mob infringing democracy and taking law and order in their hands shocked her. The clinical psychologist called Trump a 'narcissist’ adding that her uncle could not have imagined losing the elections and was more desperate than before as literally, nothing seems to be working to help him remain in the White House. 

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Mary calls Trump 'criminal, cruel and traitorous'

“There’s nobody to get him out of this,” she told Insider.  Mary warned that the US president was more dangerous every minute that his tenure was coming to an end. Speaking about her uncle’s life growing up, Trump’s niece said that the US president has never experienced a defeat like this in his life and it was impossible for him to accept that he could be “a loser.” She added that it was ‘heartbreaking’ to witness the enemies of democracy tear apart democratic procedures to shreds for “traitor like Donald in office.”

Earlier, Mary Trump had told US media outlets that the President of the United States, is “criminal, cruel and traitorous” and “belongs in prison” after his dismissal on Inauguration Day. Mary, who’s an author and a clinical practitioner, rejected the fact that the president’s trial would create a political rift in the nation and instead said that her uncle must be arrested for his lackadaisical response towards the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

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