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US: 'Mermaids' Thrilled To Return To Montana Bar As COVID-19 Lockdown Eases

As several US states have eased coronavirus lockdown restrictions, ‘Mermaids’, who work at a Montana bar return to work but will also be equipped with masks.


As several American states have eased coronavirus lockdown restrictions, employees are returning to jobs they weren’t sure would still exist just a few weeks ago. ‘Mermaids’, who work at a Montana bar, were the most worried for their jobs as for the past eight weeks that had been furloughed from their roles. However, with restrictions being eased, people who choose to go to the ‘Sip N Dip Lounge’ at the O’Haire Motor Inn in Great Falls, Montana, will now be greeted by the sight of the mythical creatures. 

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According to an international media report, the ‘mermaids’ will be dressed in traditional tails, however, they will also be equipped with a mask and goggles due to the current pandemic. While the nightly mermaid show is still not allowed to resume, the restaurant is still allowed to have the ‘mermaids’ back. Although, the authorities have still allowed only one ‘mermaid’ in the pool at any given point. 

‘Thrilled’ to be back

While speaking to an international media outlet, one of the ‘mermaid’, who work in the restaurant, said that she was ‘thrilled’ to be back. She added that, however, she is still a little worried that if she can still continue with her job due to the current pandemic situation. The ‘mermaid’ reportedly added that she understands that the job is physically very demanding, but she is also very excited to see the regular customers. 

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Furthermore, she also informed that the bar still faces restrictions. The customers are still not allowed to take pictures with the ‘mermaids’ and the capacity of the restaurant is also limited for now. Meanwhile, the ‘mermaids’ will be receiving one four-hour shift a week. Heryla, the ‘mermaid’, added that it will be great to have everybody back to normal one day. She is also happy to at least have some of the income restored as the lockdown had been making it tough for her to pay the bills. 

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