Mike Pompeo Mocks Nancy Pelosi With 'Simpsons' Meme As She Ripped Trump's Speech Apart

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Earlier on Tuesday, US House Speaker Pelosi tore apart her copy of the US President's Union address after he delivered it to a joint session of Congress. 

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Nancy Pelosi shredding off her copy of US President Donald Trump's speech on February 5 roused social media reactions, including that of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Earlier on Tuesday, US House Speaker tore apart her copy of the US President's Union address after he delivered it to a joint session of Congress. 

Mocking the US Speaker, Mike Pompeo posted a meme from the popular American sitcom 'Simpsons', showing the teary-eyed Lisa tearing apart some papers. In an evident dig at Pelosi, Pompeo expressed his thoughts without any texts. Pelosi tore her copy after Donald Trump refused to shake her hand by not acknowledging it, on camera before the speech on Tuesday.  

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Pelosi tears Trump's speech

On camera, right behind Donald Trump's back. As he stepped down, she ripped the papers again. If Trump knew about the American carnage going on behind him, he did not react as he left. In case any confusion remained, Pelosi, she held up what remained of the address to her family in the gallery, in full view of reporters.

"It was the courteous thing to do," Pelosi told reporters afterward, "considering the alternative," she added. Republicans dismissed her display as a “temper tantrum." Tearing the speech gave Pelosi the last visual word over Trump, who had spoken to the House from a position of strength. He arrived in the chamber with the full force of the Republican Party behind him. 

From the beginning, the event was awkward considering the icy history between the two. Pelosi last year, led the House to impeach Donald Trump accusing him of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power over the Ukraine scandal. The two had reportedly not spoken since October, when a photograph of Pelosi pointing at Trump over a White House conference table, suggested Russia controls him and walked away. 

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