'One Of The Greatest Non-answers': Trump Praises Macron's Political Skills

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US President Donald Trump lauded his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and said that he gave "one of the greatest non-answers I have ever heard” on Dec 3.

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US President Donald Trump who is currently attending the NATO Summit in London praised his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron at a joint news conference on December 3. Trump said that he is a great politician and admired his political skills. A US journalist asked Trump about whether France should take action against ISIS fighters captured in the Middle East. 

In a diplomatic response, he said that he would pass on the question to Macron. The French President in response gave a long answer in which he argued that foreign fighters from European countries are less in numbers among ISIS troops and it is unnecessary to focus on them rather than on the broader problem. Trump said that it one of the greatest non-answers he has ever heard.

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Main focus is to finish war against militant group: Macron

He said that the primary focus should be to finish the war against the militant group. Trump said that it is the only reason he is a great politician because it was one of the greatest non-answers he has ever heard. Earlier on October 14 Macron made clear to Donald Trump the absolute necessity to prevent a re-emergence of the ISIS jihadist group. Macron warned the US President over a phone call that the troop pullout and Turkey's offensive against the Kurdish fighters in the region posed a major threat of rebirth of ISIS group. The French leader also talked to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iraqi counterpart President Barham Saleh, according to the reports. Paris and many European countries are worried about IS members held by the Kurdish authorities could escape and take advantage of the situation in the region to regroup.

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Trump praises Johnson

Meanwhile, Trump said that he thinks Prime Minister Boris Johnson is very capable and would do a good job, moments after saying he did not want to get involved in the British election campaign. During Britain's election campaign, the Labour Party used Trump’s name to refer to the capitalist system of governance similar to the strategy used by Corbyn, a veteran socialist campaigner, who promised to tear up if he wins in the upcoming elections.

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