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Pro-Trump Goons Who Enabled US Capitol Breach Considering Guilty Plea, Want To Make Amends

One of the members of 'Proud Boys' gang who allegedly smashed a window at the Capitol on January 6 to allow rioters inside is considering a guilty plea.

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As per a recent court filing, one of the members of the 'Proud Boys' gang that allegedly smashed a window at the Capitol on January 6 to allow rioters inside is considering a guilty plea. Dominic Pezzola has accepted responsibility for his actions and wants to make amends, said his attorney in the filing. 'Proud Boys', the far-right group, is known for violent confrontations with antifascists and other ideological opponents at protests.

FBI was earlier told by an unidentified witness that Pezzola, a former United States Marine from Rochester, was with a group at the Capitol whose members said they would have killed anyone they got hold of, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then-Vice President Mike Pence, according to prosecutors. Pezzola and fellow Proud Boy William Pepe initially were charged last month with offenses, including illegally entering a restricted building, before prosecutors added the more serious charge of conspiracy.

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Donald Trump Acquitted 

On February 13, the former United States President Donald Trump was acquitted in his unprecedented second impeachment trial for inciting violence on the U.S Capitol on January 6, 2021. Over a month after the Capitol violence, the Senate assembled for a rare weekend session to deliver its verdict, voting while armed National Guard troops continued to stand their posts outside the iconic building. Trump is the only president to have been impeached twice.

The former President was impeached by the House of Representatives by 232-197 votes on January 13 over ‘Incitement of insurrection’. This was in the aftermath of his supporters storming inside the US Capitol on January 6 and engulfing the nation’s capital in chaos. The dramatic clips of pro-Trump protesters chanting inside the halls of the building, breaking windows, stealing federal property, sent shock waves across the globe. 

Trump’s supporters stormed the building in an attempt to halt the Congress convened to certify the November election victory of US President Joe Biden. During the vote in the House, at least 10 Republicans also joined the Democrats in impeaching Trump. The US Capitol attack resulted in the death of at least five people including one police officer while several others were injured. In the 80-page memorandum submitted by Trump prosecutors, they have reportedly stated that “President Trump’s responsibility for the events of 6 January is unmistakable.”

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