Infected Staff At US Nursing Home Could Have Spread Coronavirus: Report

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Amid coronavirus outbreak, a nursing home near Seattle where 35 have died was likely furled by infected staff members, who continued to come to work.

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Amid coronavirus outbreak, a nursing home near Seattle where 35 people have died was likely fueled by infected staff members, who continued to come to work. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the care home is responsible for over half of the deaths in the northwestern state of Washington. The CDC, after visiting the nursing home, reportedly said that the staff members who worked while symptomatic and who worked in more than one facility likely contributed to the fatal outbreak. 

Furthermore, the CDC found that a lack of personal protective equipment, safety training and delayed recognition of the coronavirus also influenced the outbreak. According to an international media outlet, the Life Care Center in Kirkland treats those in need of acute care and out of the 130 patients in the facility, several patients had underlying conditions such as hypertension, heart and kidney disease, diabetes and obesity. Approximately 35 deaths are confirmed to be associated with the Kirkland home. 

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While citing the danger posed to care homes, the authorities have now recommended ‘critical’ activities such as ‘identifying and excluding symptomatic staff’ and ‘restricting visitation’ except in compassionate care situations. As per reports, the officials have now banned visiting. A spokesman for the home reportedly said that everything wasn’t done perfectly, however, it was done within a range of normal operating procedure. 

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National emergency

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the United States. Currently, US has more than 9,400 confirmed cases, while the death toll in the country has surpassed 150. New York is also under complete lockdown and the state governor, on March 18, also announced more than 1,000 new cases of coronavirus. US President Donald Trump also said that the officials are doing a ‘really good job’. 

Flanked by Vice President Mike Pence, various doctors, and CEOs, Trump formally declared National Emergency with a monetary package of $50 Billion to deal with the coronavirus crisis in the country. The National Emergency granted the Secretary of Health and Human Services sweeping new powers which included the ability to waive the restrictions on telehealth and federal license restrictions and allows doctors from other states to provide services in different states. Immediately after three guests at a Mar-a-Lago event who have tested positive for COVID-19, Trump had been tested for the disease and has tested negative. As of date, the US has seen 7038 cases of positive cases and 97 total deaths, according to the CDC. 

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