Super Tuesday: Here Are All The Results Of Democratic Primaries

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The Super Tuesday is deemed huge for the US elections when the greatest number of US states hold primary elections, here are results for Democratic primaries.

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Super Tuesday

The Super Tuesday is deemed huge for the United States elections when the greatest number of US states hold primary elections and caucuses. This year, the candidates in the race for White House competed for 14 states on March 3 and former US Vice President emerged as the conquerer for Democrats by winning in nine states including Texas while Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won in only four. However, after Super Tuesday, the Democrats who had featured more than a half dozen candidates last week turned into a two-man contest between Biden and Sanders. Both have starkly different views regarding the future of United States of America.  

Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia selected their primary and caucuses winners for Democrats on Super Tuesday. Here are all the latest updates that gave a new shape to the Democratic presidential race. 

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Texas and Alabama

Being Super Tuesday's second-biggest contest, Biden claimed victory in the Democratic primary in Texas. It was also one of the most surprising wins for the former US VP as Sanders had hoped to win in the state which has a large Latino population. Texas has 228 delegates and it still remains unclear how many state delegates will be rewarded to each candidate. 

With the population of nearly 50 lakhs, the southeastern US state chose Joe Biden who took 63.2 per cent of the vote share among the 58 available candidates. 

California and Arkansas

Sanders who is a self-proclaimed socialist took home the biggest prize of Super Tuesday and won in California as the polls began to close. The state has 415 delegates and Vermont Senator's victory has ensured that he and his embrace of democratic socialism would drive the Democrats' nomination fight for the foreseeable future. He took 30.7 per cent of the voting share leading Biden who managed to get 21.5 per cent of the votes. Arkansas declared Joe Biden as the winner with 40.4 per cent of vote share and has only 31 delegates available. 

Colorado and Maine 

The North Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada winner in Democratic primary, Sanders won in Colorado with 36. 1 per cent share and 66 delegates available. Maine which tops the nation with reportedly 96.9 per cent white population, chose Joe Biden and gave 33.9 per cent share of the votes. 

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Massachusetts and Minnesota 

Both in Minnesota and Massachusetts Democratic primary, Joe Biden won that have 75 and 99 delegates available. According to the time polls were closing one by one, Minnesota had become Biden's 6th state. However, according to reports, he was not polling well there a week ago, but apparently the last-minute endorsement of Amy Klobuchar fuelled his victory. Klobuchar had left the Democratic presidential race just a day before Super Tuesday. 

North Carolina and Oklahoma 

North Carolina and Oklahoma having 110  and 37 delegates respectively also declared Joe Biden winner in their Democratic primary in Super Tuesday. According to reports, about three out of four Democratic primary voters in California, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina said the new deadly coronavirus was a factor in their vote. 

Tennessee and Utah

As Sanders was expressing his confidence in Vermont, the US networks had called Utah for the Senator with 34. 6 per cent share of votes with 29 delegates. In Tennessee, Joe Biden again claimed triumph where several polling locations had stayed open late after tornadoes ripped through the state early Tuesday morning. 

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Vermont and Virginia

Sanders and his wife had voted in their home state of Vermont where he won the Democratic primary. The US Senator also told the crowd of reporters outside the polling place in Burlington that his campaign was about defeating Republican US President Donald Trump who is the “most dangerous president in the modern history of the country”. 

US networks called for Joe Biden as the winner immediately after the polls closed in Virginia. According to reports, Virginia was being watched as a bellwether state which traditionally a swing state but as moved more reliably Democratic in the recent years. The former US VP took away 53.3 per cent votes in Virginia and emerged as the winner of a total of nine primaries at the end of Super Tuesday. 

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