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Texas Man Rescues His Pet Dog By Jumping Into Freezing Swimming Pool: Watch

Texas Man Dan Holmes shared the video in which he rescue his pet by jumping into freezing swimming pool. Netizens call him a 'hero' for saving an animal.


A resident of Southlake, Texas Dan Holmes shared an emotional video in which he rescued his pet dog by jumping into a freezing swimming pool. In the video, the was dog Christi fell through ice covering the pool and Holmes saved it. Netizens have hailed him as a hero after the video went viral.  

Owner saves his dog

He shared the video alongside the caption "Warning, if you have pets be careful. Watch this video, thank goodness I was out near the pool. So Michelle Davis I try your cold plunge but not on purpose. It was pretty darn cold". The moment was caught on a security camera. In the video, Dan Holmes is clearing snow in his backyard while his dogs are running around when one of them steps over the ice covering the pool. The video showed how the dog fell into the freezing pool. The dog was struggling in the icy water when Holmes jumped into the pool to rescue it. Watch the video:

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Since uploaded, the video has managed to gather 37000 views. The video has been shared 306 times. It has recieved 257 comments. One facebook user commented "I am so glad that you and Christi are ok". Another user commented "Glad you are all safe and well now. Great warning for othe pool owners in our area". One user commented "Great job! You are an animal hero." One user commented "Glad you both are safe scary though." Another individual wrote "hope you all are ok!!!! Glad you got out. O was literally yelling oh no! Help them!. To this comment Dan Holmes replied that "we are all good very scary moment". One person wrote "so scary"!! with emoji. 

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