Truck Crashes On Icy Road In Illinois, Video Recorded On Dash Cam

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An incident was caught on the dashcam as a woman and two police officers had a narrow escape as an out of control truck lost control and crashed on an icy road

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A scary incident was caught on the dashcam when a woman and two police officers had a narrow escape after a truck lost control and crashed on an icy road in Illinois. According to the reports, two police officers were helping a woman change her punctured car tire on the side of a road in Southern Illinois when suddenly a truck skidded on the icy road and overturned, moving with full force towards the three people on the side of the road.

A narrow escape

The woman and the officers helping her change the flat tire ran into a ditch in the nick of time as the truck barrelled over the woman, narrowly missing her. According to a local media outlet, the woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital to receive the necessary treatment. However, the state troopers did not sustain any injury.

Arizona: Family of three saved by car collision

In a similar incident, a couple pushing their baby in a pram at a busy intersection in Arizona were saved by a whisker as a speeding car came towards them after jumping a red light. The family of three was saved when another vehicle crashed into the speeding car, stopping it and giving the couple to run along with their baby. 

A video released by the Phoenix police department in Arizona released a video that showed the speeding car being driven by a drunk man jumping the red light, almost hitting the family. The video then showed a Chevrolet Cruze ramming into the Jeep, ultimately saving the family. 

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According to the concerned officials, the drunk man identified as 28-year-old Ernesto Otanez Oveso was taken into custody based on charges based on DUI and aggravated assault. However, Oveso's co-passenger, an unidentified woman, managed to run off in order to escape the authorities.

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In another Facebook post, the Phoenix police department thanked the driver of the Chevrolet Cruze for ramming into the Jeep and saving the family's life.

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