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Uber Driver Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize With Ticket He Bought During Break Time

A Maryland ride-share driver said that a break between fares turned unexpectedly profitable for him when he won a $100,000 lottery jackpot.



Being a cab driver is no easy thing. From working on odd hours to travelling long distances and having to deal with all kinds of passengers day in and day out, it is a tough job for anyone to do. To top it all off, the pay is also not much and any break taken between rides means no money for that period of time. 

The driver, from Middle River in Baltimore County, took a break at a gas station convenience shop and made $100,000, or over Rs 75 lakh, in the time between fares. The man said he won a $10 reward after purchasing a Holiday scratch-off ticket, that he used to purchase a $1,000 Loaded scratch-off ticket.

“I exclaimed ‘Holy, Holy, Holy,’ when a police officer who was standing next to me began to ask if I was alright. "That's when I asked him whether he saw what I saw", the driver explained to Notthingham MD. The man had made a pit break at a Wawa store and purchased a scratch-off ticket. 

With the $10 he won, he bought a $1,000 loaded scratch-off ticket by Maryland lottery. He bought the ticket at the store and scratched it off while waiting for a cashier, only to discover that he had won $100,000.

"I presented my ticket to the officer", he said while explaining that he saw a $100,000 reward and asked if he wanted security. The ecstatic winner further stated that he will put the money towards improving his living conditions as well as making some modifications and repairs to his car. "After five years of driving and over 24,000 rides, I need to upgrade in order to continue on the road.", he said. After winning the jackpot, the driver assumed the nickname "Road Runner" to hide his identity.

The Maryland Lottery has been in the news for its appealing rewards and people's winning experiences. A 47-year-old Maryland chef recently won the lottery three times, each time adding one zero to the jackpot money. The first time, the chef earned $1,000. He won $10,000 in the same lottery the next year. And the most recent reward he won was $100,000.

A couple from North Carolina won millions twice when both partners scooped over $1 million (Rs 7,34,96,800) in the North Carolina Education Lottery jackpot. The amazing thing is that they won by applying for the same numbers. The husband and wife, Luther and Constance Cannon were over the moon on winning not once but twice.



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