United Airlines Plane Experiences Engine Malfunction Mid-air

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United Airlines flight from Denver to Orlando came across a worrisome scenario and had to be diverted back after the left-side engine cowling started shaking

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In a nightmarish incident, a plane experienced mid-air technical glitches in the US. United Airlines flight from Denver to Orlando came across a worrisome scenario and had to be diverted back. The plane had attained an elevation of 10,000 feet, however, it was forced to fly back to Denver. Apparently, the left-hand side engine cowling opened when the flight was mid-air. Passengers were left shook when the plane violently started shaking mid-flight. Here's a video uploaded by Abbi Reznicek showing the horrific encounter of the passengers:

United Airlines plane malfunctions mid-air

"This morning at #DIA flight UA293. Engine malfunctioned mid-flight."

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Reznicek also shared pictures of what ensued further. Pictures from the encounter show the considerable damage the aircraft, including the worn-out engine cowling on the left-hand side of the aircraft. 

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Reznicek further shared the screenshots of his new flight details and the damaged aircraft engine. Here's what the aircraft said:

"We know returning to the airport wasn't part of your plans today, so we greatly appreciate you hanging in there!" read one of the messages. "Our maintenance team needs to address a technical issue with an engine on your plane before we depart again." United Airlines confirmed that the flight was forced to return to Denver because of a mechanical issue with one of the engines.

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Passengers provided with an alternative

The passengers were later flown to Orlando in a different aircraft following the horrific encounter."United flight 293 from Denver to Orlando returned to the airport due to a mechanical issue with one of the engines. The flight landed safely and taxied to a gate where customers deplaned normally. Customers have departed on a different aircraft to Orlando," a spokesperson for United Airlines said.

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