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US Capitol 'rioters' Identified By Firms Via Digital Media And Asked To Leave Jobs

Companies across the United States are terminating the rioters for thwarting democratic election procedures for the peaceful transfer of power by US Congress.


As the footages of the US Capitol ‘insurrection’ circulate widely on social media, those involved in the breach of law by storming in the Capitol building identified by acquaintances and likewise, employers, and are being fired from their jobs. According to CNN, companies across the United States are terminating the rioters for thwarting democratic election procedures for the peaceful transfer of power by the Congress in the US Chamber. After his participation was identified in one of the Capitol riots videos, Texas-based Goosehead Specialty Insurance firm issued an official statement on its site, saying, that the company fired an associate general counsel, Paul Davis after  Roger Sollenberger, a writer at Salon shared visuals of the employee tear-gassed at the Capitol. Insurance Journal confirmed the dismissal of the man via the company’s vice president.

Taking to his Facebook stories, Davis defended his involvement saying that he was "peacefully demonstrating” and was “trying to get into the Capitol to stop this [certification process].” He further added, “I said 'trying to get into the Capitol, meaning to voice a protest. Not in any violent way.”

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Similarly, CNN and other news media organisations started identifying the perpetrators after Washington's Metropolitan Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] asked civilians and witnesses with video footages to step up and come forward to help identify rioters that participated in Wednesday’s Capitol building siege and insurrection. "The FBI is seeking information that will assist in identifying individuals who are actively instigating violence in Washington, DC," the agency said on its website. 

Asked to turn in' letter of resignation'

Similarly, another person of interest, a former Pennsylvania state representative Rick Saccone who shot a video of himself outside the Capitol is now being probed by Saint Vincent College, where he is employed as an adjunct professor. According to a statement procured by CNN, Michael Hustava, the institution's Senior Director of Marketing and Communications said that the authorities initiated an investigation immediately and established Saccone’s involvement in the Capitol building invasion. He was asked to turn in a letter of resignation, effective immediately. However, defending his act, Saccone posted an image on his Facebook account saying that “people are twisting the peaceful protest into something else.” The law enforcement forces are yet to identify many law and order perpetrators via tips and digital media depicting rioting. 

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