US Couple's Car Becomes Squirrel Granary; 200 Walnuts & A Wonky Engine

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Rampant destruction of ecosystems has forced animals to make homes for themselves in unusual places and a couple in the US has discovered it the hard way

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Rampant destruction of ecosystems has forced animals to make homes for themselves in unusual places, and a couple in the US state of Pennsylvania discovered this first hand a little more than most as things started going wrong with their car. They realised later that squirrels were the culprits, and had stored more than 200 walnuts under the hood of couple's SUV to prepare for the upcoming winter. Meanwhile, the Internet has shown concern for the squirrels while revealing their funny side. 

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In Pittsburgh, a car full of walnuts

As per local reports, Chris Persic's wife had called in to say that her vehicle smelled like it was burning. When she opened the hood, she found walnuts and grass all over the engine. They then took the car to a car mechanic who later found half a trashcan of walnuts under the engine. Persic revealed that there was not any severe damage to the car except that a squirrel had chewed its way through or pulled a fuel injector hose on the truck. 

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Netizens react

Netizens, meanwhile, have reacted by showing concern for squirrels. One user commented “God I hope the squirrels have a second spot! Gonna be so hungry!  “. Another user commented “Better go put the car back where it was parked before these poor #squirrels go hungry this winter. They are counting on that stash.” “Roasted walnuts, 😂” said another user.  Another user said that “Look, it’s a squirrel food truck.” "Squirrels like roasted walnuts! Who knew?" Another user wrote. 

Twitter reactions

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