US: Dog Saves Owner's Life From Robbers Despite Being Shot Twice

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The two-year-old Yorkshire terrier Starla protected her owner's niece from intruders in the US after they shot at the hero dog’s legs when it barked loudly.

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A dog reportedly saved a young girl from the armed robbers that broke into a house in South Fulton, Georgia. The two-year-old Yorkshire terrier protected her owner's niece by chasing and barking at the intruders that gave the girl time to escape. The canine was terribly injured in the process as per the reports.

According to the reports, two armed thieves burst the door of the house open at around 3pm where the dog Starla and the girl were alone. Upon seeing the dog barking, they attacked him. The dog, however, continued to distract the robbers despite taking the bullets. Meanwhile, the girl to escape from the back door through the garage.

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Owner Dion Ewing told the media that his pet dog did a commendable job in dealing with the thieves. He said that the dog was profusely wounded, and yet, chased behind the suspects and did not give up. He further added saying investigation revealed that one of the robbers almost shot the girl, he, however, got distracted because Starla kept threatening them. The canine eventually chased the two, as they fled the scene in a car. The South Fulton Police department was on the lookout for the suspects, he added.

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Parrot screamed 'fire'

In a similar incident in Tennessee, a pet parrot saved the owner’s life by alerting her in the English language about the fire. Barbara Klein, her husband Larry, as well as their 6-year-old granddaughter, were woken up by the bird’s loud tweeting of “fire”, a word that the parrot learned on his own, confirmed media reports. This reportedly shocked the owner as pet parakeets often only mimic words they are taught. Her pet picked up the word on his own and saved the entire family’s life. Klien told the media that Louie was the true hero, he never uttered the word fire before, but when he did this one time, he ended up saving lives.

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