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US Prez Joe Biden Takes Queries, Answers On Stimulus Check, Vaccines & Morning Coffee

US President Joe Biden took queries on Twitter and answered citizens on stimulus check, vaccines & morning coffee in a video posted on his handle

US Prez Joe Biden takes queries, answers on stimulus check, vaccines & morning coffee

Former US President Donald Trump had been famous for his Twitter outbursts among other highlights of his term. His successor Joe Biden’s handle has been devoid of it in the initial days of his regime, and has let work-based dominate his profile. An example of this was when the leader sat down to answer questions on stimulus checks, ramping up of vaccine production and morning breakfast on Twitter.

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President Joe Biden answers Twitter queries 

In a video posted on the official account of the POTUS, Joe Biden answered a query, "Hey, can I get my stimulus check?" 

The leader answered, “Yes. You can get your stimulus check as soon as the House and Senate pass my legislation. We committed to you, Democrat and Republican a $2000 stimulus check, $600 came forward last time around. Another $1400 will be coming." 

He added, "I believe that should go to people who in fact are in need. That is working class folks, and middle class folks.”

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The next question was on the COVID pandemic, “When are you ramping up vaccination production?"  

President Joe Biden replied. “We started ramping up immediately. When we got here we found out that because there wasn't much communication and co-operation with the last administration as there should have been to let us know exactly the state of things we were inheriting. We found out that there wasn't nearly sufficient vaccines."

"So we ordered another 200 million dose and I made a commitment that in the first 100 days, we would make sure we had 100 million shots in people's arms. And so that's what we've done, and we're going to be ordering more vaccines as well," he continued.  

The third question was on a lighter note, “Did you have your morning cup of coffe today?"

"Yes. I work out in the morning, then I go downstairs into the kitchen where we serve ourselves, and I make a cup of coffee, usually have some yogurt and so some Raisin Bran and I head off to work," the President answered.

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