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US: Republican Senator Calls For Trump's Resignation, Calls It 'best Way For Country'

Second Republican Senator has asked Donald Trump to "resign and go away" saying that he could face criminal liability over the shocking US Capitol attacks.


A second US Republican Senator has asked the outgoing President Donald Trump to "resign and go away" saying that he could face criminal liability over the shocking US Capitol attacks that happened last week. Senator Pat Toomey, on January 10, said Trump "committed impeachable offences". The conservative supporter of Trump suggested resignation is the "best way for the country". Several Democrats in the US House of Representatives prepared to move forward with the impeachment process as investigations of the infamous siege on the federal building is underway. Despite calling Trump's offences impeachable, Toomey was uncertain that President should be removed from the office with just a few days left in his tenure. He said Trump's "behaviour this week does disqualify him from serving. But we've got 10 days left, 11 days left."

"I think the best way for our country is for the president to resign and go away as soon as possible," Toomey said on NBC, calling Trump's behaviour since the presidential election, outrageous.

Toomey’s remarks came after Lisa Murkowski on January 8 became the first Republican Senator to say that Trump should immediately give up his seat before the inauguration day on January 20. While Republican Ben Sasse said that he would “definitely consider” impeachment. However, it remains unclear if other members of the US President’s party would follow the suit. Some Republicans have also urged the Democrat-led House to not initiate impeachment proceedings for a historic second time against Trump.

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‘Be there, will be wild’: Donald Trump

Unrest prevailed inside Washington's US Capitol building in support of the out-voted President. Trump claimed that the US presidential election was 'stolen' from the Republican leader by Joe Biden. Just a week before Christmas, Trump whose account has been suspended now on Twitter, said, “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th”. He added, “Be there, will be wild!”. The ‘insurrectionist’ mob that showed up at the behest of the US President and stormed the building was made up of long-time Trump supporters reportedly including Republican Party officials, GOP political donors, far-right militants among others.

In the aftermath, Trump attempted to tone down the mayhem at the Capitol. The incident drew criticism from world leaders. CNN quoted a White House adviser in discussions with senior officials saying that the video was only recorded because his presidency is in danger with most of his senior staff resigning and the potential of being impeached.

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