US: Sikh Uber Driver Racially Abused, Strangled By Passenger

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A Sikh Uber driver in the United States was allegedly racially abused and strangled by a 22-year-old passenger on December 5 in city of Bellingham, Washington.

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Sikh Uber driver in the United States was allegedly racially abused and strangled by a 22-year-old passenger. According to the reports, the incident took place on December 5 in the coastal city of Bellingham, Washington when the Sikh driver picked Grifin Levi Sayers. It was on the same day the Bellingham Police received an emergency call from the driver informing that he had been attacked by a passenger. The Police had charged Sayers on suspicion of second-degree assault and a failure-to-appear warrant for fourth-degree assault but were later released on $13,000 bail. 

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Passenger made racial comments

The Sikh driver reportedly told the police authorities that the passenger took the cab for making some payments and then wanted to return to the pick-up location. It was the same point in their journey, that Sayers allegedly got violent and grabbed the driver by his throat and squeezed it violently. The 22-year-old also made racial comments against the driver and his ethnicity. The driver 'somehow' managed to get out of the situation and called 911. The police which arrived later at the location were able to locate Sayers nearby and arrested him. 

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A report last month revealed that after Jews and Muslims, Sikhs are the third-largest group which is targetted based on their ethnicity. In 2017, hate crimes against the Sikh community reached nearly 200 per cent, according to an FBI report. However, the Sikh involved in the recent incident has been provided with a free legal representation by the Sikh organisation that works towards the human and civil rights for all people. 

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