US Woman Says Pet Dog Poos On Her Favourite Things To Express Annoyance

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Woman from the US has claimed that whenever when her pet canine feels wronged by someone, he exacts his revenge by defecating and has spoiled her favourites.

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:

Woman from the US has claimed that whenever when her pet canine feels wronged by someone, he exacts his revenge by pooing. Holly Munoz from Kentucky has claimed that her dog Frank defecates out of vengeance and had ruined her favourite items since it first began. 

Dog has incredible aim

The assistant charity director first fell prey to the foul practice when she returned from holiday last year to find a turd under her pillow. The 40-year-old had a doubt that Frank did it to avenge her after she left him with a dog-sitter. Since then, the canine had been mudding inside her shoes, make-up bags and on a box of crackers. Talking about her experience, she said that her pet has an incredible aim and that he definitely does it on purpose. She also revealed that he does this on purpose to make sure that people know that he’s angry. 

She also revealed that her son, Oliver is the dog’s favourite person and both of them sleep together. She recalled an incident when Oliver went on a sleepover, Frank pooed in her shoe. She also joked that she’ll probably spend the next seven years finding and cleaning up his angry poos.

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