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American Reporter Works From Home With No Pants On, Camera Frame Goes Nightmarishly Wrong

A US reporter appeared on Television working from home with no pants on, with his incorrect camera placement betraying his legs' lack of covering to audiences

Will Reeve

A news reporter from ABC News Will Reeve on Tuesday appeared on screen in a suit but without pants while broadcasting from home - in the quintessential example of the liberty most frequently envisioned as a joke while imagining work from home. Unfortunately, it all went wrong as his pants-less legs were clearly visible on camera.

Reeve had appeared on 'Good Morning America' show for a segment about pharmacies using drones to deliver the prescriptions to the COVID-19 patients. 

As he was broadcasting from home, he had positioned the camera in such a way that it was visible he had no pants on, leading a huge blunder on television. Several Netizens took to Twitter to call him out, however, Reeve took it in a sporting way and joked about it. Replying to one tweet, he said that that "he has arrived in a hilariously mortifying way possible." 

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Will Reeve issues statement

After the 'No Pant' blunder, the American reporter issued a statement saying "When Work From Home goes wrong." According to him, he had gotten ready for a post-GMA workout "a little too early". Jokingly, he stated that "Any sartorial tips from all those people who are wearing belts, trousers during their workout video calls at home are most welcome." 

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