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Israel Responds To 'All Eyes On Rafah' Campaign, Asks 'Where Were Your Eyes on October 7'

In the latest development in Israel-Hamas War, Israeli military has seized control of a strategic corridor along the length of Gaza's border with Egypt.

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Israel responds to 'All Eyes on Rafah' campaign | Image: Republic

New Delhi: Israel has strongly responded to the 'All Eyes on Rafah' campaign that gained momentum on social media in India and across the world after Israel's air strikes in the southern city of Rafah. Accusing the ones showing solidarity to Rafah victims of selective outrage, Israel shared a poster questioning lack on outrage in the aftermath of October 7 attack.

"We will NEVER stop talking about October 7th. We will NEVER stop fighting for the hostages," said Israel in a post on X as it shared a poster depicting a Hamas terrorist standing in front of a baby. "Where were your eyes on October7?" read the poster.




Israel's offensive in Rafah comes in continuation to its attempts to dismantle Hamas after it launched an  unprecedented attack on October 7 last year. The attack claimed 1200 lives, while around 250 Israelis are still hostage of Hamas. Israel has vowed to dismantle Hamas and returning scores of hostages captured in the October 7 attack that triggered the war.


'All Eyes on Rafah' Campaign

An image with phrase - All Eyes on Rafah - has gone viral as it is being shared widely on social media after Israel's air strikes in Rafah cliamed around 45 lives. The 'All Eyes on Rafah' depicts tents in a camp arranged to spell out the "phrase". The phrase is meant as a request for bystanders to not look away from what’s happening in the city of Rafah.


The phrase originally originated from a statement given by Rick Peeperkorn, director of WHO’s Office, who in February said, "All eyes are on Rafah," after Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu ordered evacuation for the city ahead of planned attacks on Hamas' strongholds. The post was also shared by the Iranian Embassy in India on X, with the caption, “Raise your voice.  #AllEyesOnRafah.”



Israel takes control of strategic corridor along Gaza's border with Egypt

Israel's military said on Wednesday that it has seized control of a strategic corridor that runs along the length of Gaza's border with Egypt, near the city of Rafah, where Israeli forces have been fighting recently.


The capture of the area, known as the Philadelphi corridor, signals that Israel has deepened its offensive in southern Gaza, even as calls for restraint have rang out surrounding recent civilian deaths, reported AP.  The move could complicate relations with Egypt, which has complained over Israel's advance toward its border, including when Israeli forces captured the Rafah border crossing, the only one between Gaza and Egypt.


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