Updated February 9th, 2024 at 13:19 IST

After CII, now FICCI bats for ‘one nation one election’ concept

Simultaneous elections can improve governance and promote economic development.

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FICCI President Dr Anish Shah
FICCI President Dr Anish Shah | Image:FICCI President Dr Anish Shah

FICCI supports One Nation, One Election: A delegation led by FICCI President Dr Anish Shah met with members of a high-level committee on ‘One Nation One Election’ chaired by Former President of India, Ram Nath Kovind on February 6. 

As per a FICCI statement, at the invitation of the high-level committee on “One Nation One Election”, FICCI shared its views on simultaneous elections.

Briefing the members of the committee, Dr Anish Shah said, FICCI is supportive of the idea of a "One Nation One Election". 
"There are over 250,000 FICCI members across the country, who feel that multiple elections at various levels at various times impact ease of doing business, slow down decision-making in government, and lead to avoidable costs, both for employees and employers,” the FICCI President added. 

S K Pathak, Secretary General, FICCI made a detailed presentation to the committee members with specific proposals including one election every five years for central, state, and local governments, a brief code of conduct period, so that government decision-making is not slowed down and all eligible voters to be in universal electoral rolls, using India Stack technology

“FICCI team emphasised that at a time when India is on its way to becoming the third largest economy in the world, it is important that we reassess the electoral process of the country and consider changes that result in better outcomes for our people and enhance economic activity,” said a statement of the industry body. 

The FICCI delegation comprised Dr Anish Shah, President, FICCI & Group CEO & MD, Mahindra Group; Harsha V Agarwal, Senior Vice President, FICCI & Vice Chairman & MD, Emami Group; Anant Goenka, Vice President, FICCI & Vice Chairman, RPG Group; S K Pathak, Secretary General, FICCI; Jyoti Vij, Additional Director General, FICCI and  Anshuman Khanna, Assistant Secretary General, FICCI. 


Published February 9th, 2024 at 13:19 IST

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