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Dalal Street Buzzes: Here are 4 IPOs for the week

Market Surge; Rs 4,600 Crore Expected as the market opens on Monday

Priyanshi Mishra
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Amidst Dalal Street's upbeat atmosphere, benchmark indices, broader markets, and multiple sectors achieving new milestones, the primary market is showing increased activity. Twelve companies are set to launch initial public offerings (IPOs) next week, accompanied by eight new listings, aiming to raise over Rs 4,600 crore starting December 18. This follows last week's IPOs, which amassed nearly Rs 4,000 crore by December 15.

This optimism stems from robust economic growth, expectations of continued policies post-recent state election outcomes, anticipated monetary policy easing by central banks in the upcoming year, favourable oil prices, projected earnings growth, and a steady inflow of domestic funds. Here are the four IPOs opening from Monday onwards:


1. Motisons Jewell: This IPO will be open on December 18 and close on December 20. This will be issued at Rs 52 to Rs 55. The issue size reported is Rs 142.85 crore to Rs 151.09 crore, and the lot size will be 250.

2. Muthoot Microfi: This IPO will be open until December 20, and the issue price will be Rs 277 to Rs 291. The issue size is Rs 960 crore, and the lot number will be 51.


3. Suraj Estate: The IPO for Suraj Estate will close on December 20, and the issue price will be Rs 340 to Rs 360. The issue size would be Rs 400 crore, and 41 would be the lot size.

4. Sahara Marinetime: The IPO will be issued at Rs 81 and close on December 20. The lot size will be 1600, and the issue size will be Rs 6.88 crore.
Considering this week's figures, the total funds raised by 239 companies this year, including SMEs, will reach Rs 57,720 crore in the ongoing calendar year. This falls short of the Rs 61,900 crore raised through 150 IPOs launched the previous year.


Published December 17th, 2023 at 16:57 IST

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