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Report forecasts performance of multiple sectors in 2024

The year stood as an exceptional period for the Indian market, characterised by the introduction and impressive performance.

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The year 2023 stood as an exceptional period for the Indian market, characterised by the introduction and impressive performance of significant ventures across various sectors. 

This remarkable year witnessed a surge in mid- and small-cap stocks alongside a historic surge in IPOs, the report by OmniScience said.  The report highlights significant ongoing projects within key sectors of the Indian economy, offering insights into the opportunities they generate in the markets.


Most impactful projects in various sectors underway in vital sectors of the Indian economy and the opportunities that they create in the markets.

Banking and Finance

The banking sector in India boasts an impressive 100 lakh crore opportunity driven by investments in fintech, payments, digital banking enhancement, exchange systems, HFCs, and NBCs. These opportunities within sub-growth vectors offer stability and potential for investors.

Digital Transformation

India's substantial strides towards complete digital transformation project massive expenditures across various areas: AI ($15 trillion), cloud infrastructure ($1 trillion), 5G infrastructure ($13 trillion), metaverse development ($5 trillion), the Internet of Things ($19 trillion), and blockchain ($3 trillion). These investments forecast a tremendous impact of 100 trillion dollars through technological projects worth over a trillion dollars.

Power and Energy

Anticipated power consumption reaching 4 trillion units by 2030 at a 13 per cent CAGR signifies a significant market expansion. The total addressable market (TAM) in power stands at a staggering 24 lakh crores, serving as a major driver of India's current growth trajectory. Investment avenues include clean energy, generation and transmission, solar/hydro, resource and equipment manufacturing, and trading and exchange, with a CAPEX opportunity of 24 lakh crore.

Railway Infrastructure

India's ambitions in railway infrastructure development include the procurement of eight high-Speed bullet trains, the redevelopment of over 1300 railway stations, and substantial investments in Vande Bharat trains and new passenger trains. The dedicated Freight Corridor of India aims to capture 45 per cent of the nation's freight, resulting in a total sector CAPEX opportunity of 50 lakh crore.

Defence Sector Spending

The Indian defence sector recorded spending of $81 billion in 2023, ranking 4th globally. With expenditures ranging from submarines, torpedoes, aircraft carriers, fighter jets, and missiles to defence systems and radar systems, the sector anticipates a turnover of 1.75 lakh crores by 2025 at a 15 per cent CAGR.

Clean Energy for Mobility

India's aspiration to command 30 per cent of the global market share in clean mobility by 2030 necessitates investments worth Rs. 30 lakh crore. Green hydrogen leads the investment spectrum with 8 lakh crores, alongside investments in various segments including EVs, battery technology, charging infrastructure, and power storage technology.



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