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YouTube fires 100 employees after Google sacks over 1,000

Employees were notified about the elimination of their positions, and they have a 60-day window to explore new roles within the company.

Reported by: Sankunni K
YouTube lays off 100 employees | Image:Sundar Pichai, YouTube

YouTube layoffs: Alphabet-owned Google's video-sharing platform, YouTube, has decided to eliminate 100 employees, according to TechCrunch. This comes just a week after Google laid off over 1,000 employees across several divisions, adding to the wave of layoffs at major tech companies.

YouTube's workforce reduction amid restructuring

Image: YouTube

YouTube's chief business officer, Mary Ellen Coe, communicated the decision to cut 100 employees in an internal memo. These layoffs are part of restructuring changes affecting YouTube's creator management and operations teams. Employees from these teams were notified about the elimination of their positions, and they have a 60-day window to explore new roles within the company.

Despite the chance to apply for other positions, the affected employees do not have a guaranteed position within YouTube, highlighting the challenges faced by the company in the current business landscape.


Google's ongoing organisational changes

Image: Sundar Pichai

Last week Google announced over 1,000 layoffs across multiple divisions, including core engineering, Google Assistant, and hardware teams responsible for products like Pixel phones and Fitbit watches. Google stated that these layoffs are part of ongoing organisational changes initiated in the second half of 2023.


Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, informed employees that further cuts could be expected throughout the year, although not as extensive as the significant reductions experienced in the previous year. Google's focus on responsible investments and adapting to significant opportunities ahead is driving these organisational changes.

Tech industry trend: Layoffs and cost-cutting measures

Image: Unsplash

The layoffs at Google and YouTube reflect a broader trend in the tech industry, with various companies announcing job cuts in the early days of the new year. Discord, Amazon, Xerox, Unity Software, and others have all implemented staff reductions, showcasing the challenges faced by the industry.

YouTube, a platform heavily reliant on advertising revenue, has been grappling with the aftermath of an advertising slowdown that began in late 2022. Despite recording declining revenue for several quarters, the platform aims to rebound by focusing on subscriptions to YouTube TV, offering alternatives to traditional cable programming.




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