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JPMorgan announces executive reshuffle as succession plans take centre stage

The developments come as Wall Street closely monitors succession plans for the bank's CEO, Jamie Dimon.

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JPMorgan executive reshuffle: To enhance the executive leadership and address succession planning concerns, JPMorgan Chase has announced a reshuffle of its top executives, providing them with diverse experiences across various business segments. The developments come as Wall Street closely monitors succession plans for the bank's long-standing CEO, Jamie Dimon.

The executive reshuffle, outlined in a recent filing, is part of JPMorgan's effort to fortify its leadership team with a broader range of skills.


Daniel Pinto, who has dedicated four decades to JPMorgan, holds the roles of president and COO. Having risen through the ranks, Pinto oversees corporate and investment banking, displaying expertise in trading businesses, including emerging markets, credit, and fixed income.

High table reshuffle

Marianne Lake assumes the role of sole CEO for the consumer and community bank, responsible for a substantial portion of the bank's revenue. Recognised as a seasoned leader with a two-decade tenure, Lake's qualities include demanding excellence, talent recognition, and the courage to challenge leadership when necessary.

Jennifer Piepszak and Troy Rohrbaugh jointly lead the newly-merged commercial and investment banking unit. Both seasoned executives bring extensive experience from various roles within the bank, including finance chief positions and leadership in investment banking.


Doug Petno takes charge of an expanded commercial banking business, including global corporate banking. With over three decades of service at JPMorgan, Petno's leadership encompasses a diverse client base, including mid-sized businesses, corporations, government entities, and real estate investors.

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Published January 28th, 2024 at 17:18 IST

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