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NIT graduates launch 'Pickmycloth' platform for weavers to sell products to customers

NIT Warangal graduates launched an e-commerce platform, 'PickmyCloth'. This platform allows weavers to sell their products directly to the customers.

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3 NIT (National Institute of Technology) Warangal graduates have launched an e-commerce platform, 'Pickkmycloth'. Ram Kalyan, the Co-Founder said that the platform enables weavers to sell their products directly to the customers. It thus helps bridge the gap between the two. Pickmycloth eradicates the need of middlemen, he added. 

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NIT Warangal graduates launch 'Pickmycloth' platform 

While speaking to ANI about the newly launched Pickmycloth e-Commerce platform, Kalyan said that as soon as the order is placed, the weaver gets a notification. After this, the weaver packs the product, labels it and then the product is delivered to the customer. He further informed that over 700 weavers have been listed on the platform, out of which 400 weavers are active.

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Answering a question on what motivated him and his two friends from NIT to start Pickmycloth, Ram Kalyan said that they made a few friends who came from the weaving background during their time at NIT Warangal. It was then that they learned about the issues that weavers in the country faced. This pushed him, Dinesh and Abhishek to start the e-commerce platform. Ram Kalyan added that the three of them met more weavers from different clusters in the country after they finished their studies. They learnt about their issues, discussed them over and started looking for a solution. 

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He said, "Generally, weavers get minimal profit as middlemen take away all the profit. So we decided to bridge the gap between the weaver and the customer. Our solution aims at ending the role of middlemen to bridge the gap between weavers and consumers."

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Kalyan, while dropping details about the newly launched platform said that through Pickmycloth, weavers can get the desired price for their products and even the customers can get the handloom at a reasonable price. He added, "Handloom products are unique and limited, once the stock gets over, we can not get them again. So, for these products to be sold, there must not be any middlemen and the profit must be enjoyed by weavers only." 

Pickmycloth has a specially designated team for every cluster who visit the weavers and tell them about this platform and also assist them with weaving tools. Answer about the future plans, Kalyan replied that they plan to expand handloom clusters across India. 

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