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Ayodhya or Lakshadweep on your itinerary? Sort your travel insurance now

Before selecting insurance, research and compare plans online to ensure they align with individual needs.

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Insure your trip
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Domestic travel assurance: Are you gearing up for a journey to the pristine beauty of Lakshadweep or the sacred city of Ayodhya? Whether you're drawn to the turquoise waters of Lakshadweep or the historic inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, one crucial aspect of your travel preparations shouldn't be overlooked – travel insurance. While many associate travel insurance with international excursions, its importance extends to domestic travel within India, say experts.


Why domestic travel demands insurance coverage

Loss of tickets

Imagine misplacing your flight, train, or bus tickets – a nightmare for any traveller. However, with a domestic travel insurance plan, the worry is alleviated as the insurance provider reimburses the cost of lost tickets, allowing the travel spirit to persist until the next booking is secured.

Flight and train delays or cancellations

A cancelled or delayed flight can throw a wrench into meticulously planned itineraries. A domestic travel insurance plan steps in to cover expenses incurred during such situations, including additional accommodation, alternate transportation, and extra meal costs. This coverage extends to delays caused by factors like political unrest or adverse weather conditions.

Personal liability benefit

Accidents are unpredictable, but protection against third-party damages and liabilities is crucial. Domestic travel insurance plans provide coverage against injuries and damages inflicted on third parties during your trip.

Accidental injuries

Accidents during travel not only mar the trip experience but can also strain your budget. A domestic travel insurance plan safeguards against unexpected expenses related to accidental injuries, including one-day hospitalisation and emergency medical evacuation.

Groww's travel insurance plan picks

Several companies provide comprehensive plans tailored to specific needs. Tata AIG Travel Insurance offers both single and multi-trip policies, featuring medical insurance, Covid-19 coverage, and cancellation protection, all backed by ample coverage and claim limits. Apollo Munich Travel Insurance caters to individuals, families, and senior citizens, presenting an annual multi-trip plan, medical coverage, cancellation protection, and insurance for luggage loss. Religare Travel Insurance includes medical and cancellation coverage, along with home burglary insurance. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance provides medical and Covid-19 coverage, cancellation protection, and extends coverage to travel via public and private vehicles. HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance emphasises theft and luggage coverage, medical benefits, emergency dental expenses, and offers a daily cash allowance during emergencies.

Considerations Before Purchasing Travel Insurance:

Assessing coverage needs

Tailor the insurance plan to your specific needs, considering the duration and nature of your trip activities. For adventure-packed trips, opt for higher coverage, ensuring it includes the specific activities you plan to undertake.


Number of trips

For frequent travellers, multi-trip plans offer a convenient solution, providing coverage for multiple trips under a single policy. Families or couples may benefit from bundled plans.


Premiums and restrictions

Destination risk plays a role in determining premium amounts. High-risk areas may incur higher premiums. Additionally, age restrictions should be checked, especially for senior citizens, with specialised plans available for those over 71 years.


Before finalising an insurance provider, understand inclusions, exclusions, and the claim settlement process. Thoroughly research and compare different plans online to ensure the selection of a plan that aligns with individual needs. While travel aggregator websites offer insurance options, a separate, well-researched purchase from an insurance provider is recommended by travel experts.


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