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RBI approves integration of RuPay credit cards with UPI

With RuPay cards on UPI, users tap into credit limits for transactions, gaining wider acceptance and a 50-day interest-free period.

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RuPay meets UPI: The recent authorisation by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for integrating RuPay credit cards with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) apps introduces several advantages and some constraints for users. Previously, UPI transactions were limited to funds available in savings accounts, but now, with the linkage of RuPay credit cards to UPI, users can tap into their credit limits for everyday transactions, extending wider acceptance amongst merchants and providing an interest-free period of up to 50 days.

Practical implications of linking RuPay credit cards to UPI

Enhanced convenience and credit access

Traditionally, UPI payments were tied to savings accounts, but now, with RuPay credit cards linked to UPI, users can utilise credit for daily transactions, broadening merchant acceptance and enjoying an interest-free period.


Simplified transaction process

Unlike traditional online credit card payments requiring details like CVV and OTP, using credit cards for UPI is streamlined, only requiring entry of the UPI code. Offline transactions can also be conducted without a physical card by scanning a QR code or entering the recipient's mobile number.


Expanded merchant options

In-person credit card payments were limited to merchants with POS machines. However, linking credit cards to UPI allow users to make credit card payments at smaller shops that lack POS machines, as many have adopted QR codes for UPI transactions.


Increased rewards and benefits

Credit card-enabled UPI transactions offer more rewards compared to regular UPI payments linked to savings or current accounts. Loyalty points, cashback, and accelerated rewards on UPI payments are common perks provided by credit cards.


Expense consolidation and tracking

UPI supports various transactions, including merchant payments and utility bill payments. By linking credit cards to UPI, cardholders can consolidate and manage expenses such as bill payments and shopping.


Access to promotions and discounts

Multiple UPI apps incentivise usage by offering promotions and discounts. Linking credit cards to UPI allows users to enjoy these offers even when their savings account balance is insufficient.


Instant payment processing

UPI transactions boast instant payment processing, providing a quick and efficient payment experience.


Emergency fund access

Users linking credit cards to UPI can easily access funds during emergencies.

Despite these advantages, it's crucial to be mindful of the limitations, including the inability to withdraw cash at merchants, restrictions on peer-to-peer lending, and card-to-card payments. Standard UPI transaction limits also apply, necessitating careful planning of credit card usage on UPI.


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