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Hyderabad Angels Fund launches startup fund worth Rs 150 crore

The Category 1 Alternate Investment Fund will be focused on technology and AI scalability

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Funding growth: Hyderabad Angels Fund has launched a venture capital fund worth Rs 150 crore, the company announced on Monday.

The Category 1 Alternative Investment Fund comprises an investable corpus of Rs 100 crore, as well as an additional greenshoe option of Rs 50 crore, as per the statement.


The HAF.VC fund is the maiden VC fund for the Telangana-based startup investment fund, designed specifically to focus on startups scalability through technology and AI. 

The fund has successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in pharma, health sciences, tech, education, sustainability and other sectors.

The fund's management partners serve as primary investors and allocate management fee for strengthening the investment team. 

As part of its investment focus, the fund aims to deploy up to Rs 5 crore across 20 startups positioned to scale with technology and AI, in the Pre-Series A and Series A category. 


Sri Myneni and Kishore Ganji, managing partners of the fund, said they aim to go beyond funding, address challenges on an individual level, and connect ideas with capital on a strategic level to innovate and grow fast globally. 

“As serial entrepreneurs and angel investors, we are staunch believers in the transformative force of innovation.  We are building HAF as a dynamic, collaboration-driven platform where founders not only secure financial backing but also tap into the collective wisdom of accomplished Limited Partners (LPs) who themselves are successful entrepreneurs.”
The fund taps into the mentorship of Hyderabad's serial entrepreneurs and investors, building upon Hyderabad Angels' decade-long investment acumen across diverse sectors.

BVR Mohan Reddy, founder and executive Chairman of Cyient emphasised on the importance of an active engagement platform between LPs/investors and entrepreneurs. 

“Fostering an active engagement platform between Limited Partners (LPs)/ investors and entrepreneurs is pivotal for creating successful businesses. HAF is constructed with this strategic approach. With direct guidance from many seasoned investors from a diverse array of industries, HAF Collaborative Limited Partners (CLPs) platform will become a dynamic force empowering and cultivating successful ventures," he said.




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