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TN: ICG deploys warship along the coast of Tuticorin & rescue teams to aid in rescue ops

The Indian Coast Guard deployed an Offshore Patrol Vessel and Disaster Relief Teams to aid flood-affected Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi

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Indian forces aid flood-hit Tirunelveli & Thoothukudi; Coast Guard deploys assets.
Indian forces aid flood-hit Tirunelveli & Thoothukudi; Coast Guard deploys assets. | Image:PIB / X

Chennai Rains: The Indian Coast Guard has mobilised its assets, including an Offshore Patrol Vessel, along with six Disaster Relief Teams, to aid the state government in rescue and relief efforts, said the Defence Ministry. The relentless rains triggered by a cyclonic circulation in the Southeast Bay of Bengal severely affected areas across Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts.

As the situation escalated, all branches of the Armed Forces were deployed for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief efforts amid the flood-like crisis due to heavy rainfall in the state. Subsequently, the Indian Coast Guard also responded to the situation by deploying its team to conduct rescue operations and deliver essential relief materials to the stranded citizens in the flood-affected zones. Additionally, an Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) equipped with an integral helicopter was dispatched to monitor the coastal regions of Tuticorin and remain prepared for any potential emergencies both at sea and onshore.


Amid worsening circumstances due to the loss of mobile communication facilities in Tuticorin, the Coast Guard District Headquarters No. 16 stationed in Tuticorin has been actively coordinating with the administrations of Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts. Recognizing the urgency, the Coast Guard has also reinforced its presence by stationing a fixed-wing Dornier aircraft and an Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) helicopter in Madurai following the closure of the Tuticorin airport. This strategic deployment aims to help and aid ongoing rescue and relief endeavours, facilitating the transportation of essential National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel from Chennai to the affected areas.

Furthermore, to increase the rescue efforts, a dedicated Rescue Diver team equipped with paddle boats and kayaks, along with an additional Disaster Relief Team from the Coast Guard Station Mandapam, has been dispatched to Tuticorin.


Published December 20th, 2023 at 11:39 IST

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