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Remembering Lt. Triveni Singh's last Salute to his commander and the valiant rescue of 300 civilians

As adjutant in 2003, Lt Triveni faced the Jammu Terrorist Attack on January 2, 2004. Leading the QRT, he displayed exceptional bravery in his final moments.

Yuvraj Tyagi
Lt Triveni Singh
Lt Triveni Singh | Image:Republic

In the quiet town of Pathankot, Punjab, and the serene landscapes of Namkum, Ranchi, Lieutenant Triveni Singh came into the world on February 1, 1978. Born to the esteemed Captain Janmej Singh Thakur and Smt Pushplata, he was destined for a life of valor and commitment to the nation. Lt. Triveni Singh's roots traced back to Pathankot, Punjab, where he completed his early education at St Joseph Convent School, establishing a foundation of discipline and resilience. 

With a passion for martial arts that earned him accolades at national competitions during his formative years, Lt. Triveni Singh ventured to Ludhiana for his graduation. His journey took a definitive turn when he enrolled in the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, emerging as a proud Lieutenant on December 8, 2001. 


Commissioned into the esteemed 5 JAK LI battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry, known for its gallantry and battle honors, Lt. Triveni Singh demonstrated exceptional prowess by excelling in the rigorous Commando Course at the College of Combat. Stepping into the role of Adjutant in 2003, he found himself at the epicenter of a fateful event that would put his mettle to the ultimate test. 

Jammu Terrorist Attack: January 2, 2004 

On the evening of January 2, 2004, Jammu bore witness to an act of terror that would forever be etched in the pages of history. Lt. Triveni Singh's unit received alarming news of a terrorist attack on Jammu's railway station. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the unit's commanding officer entrusted Lt. Triveni Singh with the critical task of leading the Quick Reaction Team.

As he reached the railway station, the horrifying reality unfolded. Terrorists had already claimed the lives of seven innocent civilians. Lt. Triveni Singh, with remarkable composure and determination, swiftly orchestrated a cordon around the station. In a display of extraordinary bravery, he engaged and neutralized the first militant, pursuing the second who posed an imminent threat.


While preventing a potential massacre, Lt. Triveni Singh paid the ultimate price for his valor, sustaining severe injuries during the exchange of fire. In his final moments, even in the throes of pain, he saluted his General, uttering the poignant words, “Mission accomplished, Sir.”

Posthumously awarded the Ashok Chakra, the country's highest bravery award during peacetime, Lt. Triveni Singh's sacrifice stands as a testament to his selfless dedication to duty. President APJ Abdul Kalam, during the 2004 Republic Day parade, bestowed the honor upon Lt. Triveni Singh's father, Captain Janmej Singh (retired). As we pay homage to this gallant hero, Lt. Triveni Singh's legacy resonates as a timeless inspiration. His indomitable spirit, sacrifice, and unwavering commitment to the nation continue to echo through the corridors of our military history, shaping the ideals of courage and service for generations to come. 


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