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Year Ender: Indian Navy’s year in review highlights safeguarding seas and forging global alliances

Explore the Indian Navy's impactful year in 2023, from strategic deployments and anti-piracy efforts to global collaborations, and extraordinary expeditions.

Reported by: Yuvraj Tyagi
Edited by: Yuvraj Tyagi
Indian Navy Chief
Indian Navy Chief | Image: X/@Indiannavy

Indian Navy's 2023

In line with Prime Minister's 'Security And Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR)' vision, the Indian Navy executed Mission Based Deployments across the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) in 2023. This strategic move aimed to protect national maritime interests and maintain a constant presence in vital maritime areas. Regular deployments in various regions, including the Gulf of Oman, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, and more, showcased India's commitment to maritime security.  

Years of anti-piracy patrol and maritime security operations

Since 2008, the Indian Navy has diligently undertaken Anti-Piracy Patrols in the Gulf of Aden, ensuring the safe passage of International Flag Merchant Vessels (IFMVs). Furthermore, Maritime Security Operations under Op Sankalp in the Gulf Region, initiated in 2019, have seen 41 warships escorting over 624 Lakh Tons of cargo aboard 503 IFMVs.

The Indian Navy's proactive stance against narcotics trafficking was evident in 2023, with a significant interception in the Arabian Sea. An Anti-Narcotics Operation led to the seizure of 2500 kg of contraband worth Rs. 12,000 Cr, reinforcing the Navy's commitment to combating illicit activities at sea. Additionally, surveillance efforts, including P8I aircraft deployment in the Northern Sector, showcased seamless operability and jointmanship with other forces. 

Special warfare exercises and carrier operations

In a display of prowess, a Naval Special Warfare exercise off Carnic featured Air Droppable Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (ADR) and Combat Free Fall (CFF) on September 21, 2023. The Navy's carriers took center stage in June, with both carriers operating off Goa. This marked a milestone, highlighting the Navy's growing blue water capability, including the embarkation of various carrier-borne aircraft.

Global presence and collaborations

The Indian Navy extended its global reach with the deployment of submarine Vagir to Fremantle, Australia, fostering interactions with the Australian Navy. The successful Test Vehicle Abort mission in collaboration with ISRO showcased the Navy's versatility in handling complex missions. Furthermore, the Navy actively participated in international events, such as the "Ocean Ring of Yoga," deploying personnel on 19 ships to promote unity and solidarity.

Major exercises and amphibious operations

The Theatre Readiness Operational Level Exercise (TROPEX) conducted from January to February involved over 150 warships, submarines, and aircraft, demonstrating India's preparedness across the Indian Ocean Region. The Tri-Services Amphibious Exercise (AMPHEX 23) at Naval Enclave Kakinada showcased the largest participation from the Indian Army, emphasizing joint operations. 

Sailing expedition and intercontinental voyage

The Indian Navy Sailing Vessel Tarini embarked on an extraordinary Open Sea Sailing Expedition covering 17,000 Nm, completing a trans-ocean intercontinental voyage from South Africa to South America. The crew's grand Flag-in ceremony marked their remarkable achievement, emphasizing the Navy's commitment to exploration and adventure. 

As the year concludes, the Indian Navy stands as a formidable force, securing maritime interests, fostering international collaborations, and pushing the boundaries of naval capabilities. With a dynamic and eventful 2023, the Indian Navy remains a symbol of strength, readiness, and commitment to maritime excellence. 

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