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Nam Tae Hyun Shares Handwritten Apology Letter For Drunk Driving

K-pop singer Nam Tae Hyun, who was earlier booked for his drunk driving incident, took to his Instagram handle to share an apology letter.

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Anjali Choudhury
Nam Tae Hyun

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South Korean singer Nam Tae Hyun was recently caught drunk driving and was reportedly booked by the police for violating the Road Traffic Act. According to the reports, the soloist collided with a passing taxi, broke its side mirror, and later drove his car about 20 meters after the accident. However, Nam Tae Hyun's agency cleared the air by stating that it was an honest mistake on the singer's part and he even came forward to apologise for the incident.

The singer later took to his social media handle and shared a handwritten apology letter that read, "Hello. This is Nam Tae Hyun. Before I start this post, I bow my head in apology for causing concern due to my mistake. There is no excuse for this mistake that occurred due to my rash judgement and I feel so ashamed. Regarding this incident, I will receive the punishments for my mistakes and I will reflect, repent, and repent again. I will reflect deeply so that this kind of situation does not happen again in the future. I’m sorry."



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Nam Tae Hyun's agency issued a statement on the incident

Meanwhile, K-pop idol Nam Tae Hyun’s agency NoName Music released a statement that read, "First, we apologise for the delay in our official statement as we confirmed the facts. We sincerely apologise for causing concern because of our agency artist Nam Tae Hyun’s mistake." 

It further read, "Nam Tae Hyun is currently deeply reflecting on his mistake. After, he will participate in the police investigation in good faith and receive the punishment for his mistake. We deeply apologise to everyone. We also feel responsible that an incident like this occurred. We will do our best to resolve this situation and be more careful with the management of our agency artists in the future to work towards making sure something like this never happens again. Once again, we apologize for causing concern to everyone."

In the statement, the singer's agency clarified by stating what exactly happened and said that while waiting for a driver that was designated to pick him up, he moved his car towards the roadside to make way for others. However, when he opened the door of his car, the taxi driver collided with it. But the K-pop singer instantly got down to check on the person and also assured the driver that he will compensate for the loss. Unfortunately, Nam Tae Hyun was under the influence of alcohol, and his license was revoked after the accident.

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