Bepanah Pyaar Written Update February 5: Raghbir Brings Kunti Back Home

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Bepanah Pyaar is an Indian romantic daily soap that narrates the story of a couple, Raghbir and Pragati. Here is the Bepanah Pyaar written update from Feb 5.

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Bepanah Pyaar written update

The February 5 episode starts with Dr. Rastogi noticing that Kunti's bed is empty and sees her standing in a corner with a knife. She tries to attack him but he manages to dodge and tells her that if she keeps acting like that, people are going to think that she is actually crazy. She offers to pay him double the amount to let her go. He says that Pragati was right and that she is actually dangerous. 

Bepanah Pyaar Written Update: February 5

Kunti calls Harshit to get her out of there and he tells her to relax. He assures her that he will keep an eye on Raghbir and Pragati till then. She tells him that they must do something to stop her and he assures her that he will and asks her to have faith in him. 

Pragati comes to Raghbir's room and notices that he is restless thinking about Badi Ma. She asks him why he has not eaten anything and tells him that she talked to the doctor and assures him that Kunti is fine. She rests her head on his shoulder and assures him that Kunti will be home soon.

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Kunti decides to do something on her own and thinks Sahas and Harshit alone are no good. Just then her file falls and she reads it and gets an idea. Meanwhile, Raghbir tells Pragati that Kunti has done so much for him. She tells him that it is not right to be so dependent on someone. And he says that she is not someone, she is his Ma and continues that he has spent half his life without her and does not want to do it anymore. Pragati wonders what will happen when he finds out her truth and convinces him to go for a walk. 

Dr. Rastogi gives a vitamin injection to Kunti and just after he leaves, Kunti gets an asthma attack. When the family arrives, Raghbir calls Kunti's old doctor, Dr. Mehra scolds Rastogi for giving her the wrong injection despite the clear instructions in her file. Raghbir threatens to hit the doctor and only lets go of him when Kunti asks him to. Raghbir refuses to leave Kunti in that hospital and says that she must go home with them. Dr. Mehra leaves to get the discharge papers ready. A flashback shows Harshit replacing a bottle in the doctor's absence and then Kunti replaces it again as soon as the doctor walks out. 

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Pragati helps Dr. Rastogi and he tells her that she needs to trust him and that he did not give her the wrong injection. Pragati tells him that it is not her fault and assures him that she will not let anyone insult him anymore. Raghbir asks Kunti if she is still upset with him. While the two sort it out, Pragati comes in and Kunti asks Raghbir to get some juice for her. She tells Pragati that CCTV drama failed and that Raghbir got her back home in 24 hours. When Pragati leaves, Kunti says that this was just the trailer and she will regret everything once she sees what Kunti has planned for her. 

Pragati decides to make Raghbir's favourite soup for him. She hears Sahas coughing and goes to give him some water. Meanwhile, Kunti mixes a pill in the soup. She signals Sahas before leaving and then Pragati takes the soup to Raghbir. She notices that Raghbir is still sad and tries to reason with him and tells him that he should be happy now that Kunti is back home.

She tells him that she made his favourite soup. Raghbir then tells her that it is her quality, she knows he loves the soup but even he knows that she does not like it yet she still makes it for him. Pragati tells him that she will keep making it till her husband likes it and that the way to a husband's heart is through his stomach. 

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