Bepanah Pyaar Written Update For February 4: Pragati Convinces The Doctor To Admit Kunti

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Bepanah Pyaar is an Indian romantic daily soap that narrates the story of a couple, Raghbir and Pragati. Here is the written update for February 4, 2020.

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Bepanah Pyaar written update

Bepanah Pyaar is an Indian romantic daily soap that narrates the story of a couple, Raghbir and Pragati. The February 4 episode of Bepanah Pyaar started with Kunti murmuring in her sleep saying that she does not want to go anywhere and that she is not mad. She further says that she does not want to go to a mental asylum. Sahas gives her an injection so that she can sleep peacefully till morning. Raghbir says that he will take her to the asylum when she wakes up. Harshit then looks at Pragati and tells her that he told Kunti to control her anger but she did not care and added that the result is now in front of them.  

Bepanah Pyaar Written Update February 4, 2020

Raghbir goes to Pragati’s room and asks her if the wound is painful; she shakes her head. He apologises to her for having to bear Kunti's mental condition. She assures him that it is okay and that everything will be fine in a day or two. Raghbir applies ice to her wounds and starts kissing her wounds. Just then someone knocks on the door and Raghbir wonders who could it be at that hour.  

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When they realise that it is Sahas at the door, she stops Raghbir from opening the door. He asks her if she is afraid of Sahas and Pragati asks Raghbir to hide for the time being. Sahas comes in with an icepack and notices that there is already an icepack at the nightstand. He insists upon doing it for her and throws Raghbir's icepack away. Raghbir throws something out the window to startle Sahas. Pragati cooks up an excuse and then pretends to be sleepy. She tells Sahas that it is late and that he should also rest.  

Raghbir then asks her if she thinks Sahas is too concerned about her. She tells him not to start the same discussion again and he calms himself down. She asks him how he is and adds that she knows he is worried about Kunti. He says that he has never really been with her since his childhood and added that he does not want to lose her again. Pragati hugs him.

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Harshit tries to wake Kunti up and Sahas says it is the effect of the injection and tells him that he had to give a real one as Raghbir and Pragati were there. Harshit thinks that they might have underestimated Pragati and that she has become much stronger with Raghbir’s support. Pragati tells Raghbir about Priya.

Meanwhile, Priya is sleeping and suddenly a shadow is seen on the wall. She gets scared and calls out Raghbir before Akshay covers her mouth. She asks him why he is there and he tells her that she knows the reason well. She tells him that he is wrong and he tells her that it is wrong to hide her feelings. She tells him that nothing can happen between them now and that she is getting married next month. He tells her to tell him that Dev loves her more than him. She requests him to leave.  

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As Akshay leaves, Priya opens the door to see Pragati and Raghbir standing there. When Raghbir asks who she was talking to, she tells him that it was Dev. When Raghbir pesters her about it, Pragati tells her that she saw her with Akshay. Raghbir advises her not to give him a second chance and tells her that he can cheat again. He asks her to think of it as a bad chapter and let it go.  

The next morning they admit Kunti to an Asylum. Pragati recalls meeting the doctor where she tells him that he needs to convince her family that Kunti is unstable and that she needs to stay there for her and her family's safety. The doctor agrees. Harshit tells her that Kunti won’t stay there for long. Pragati says that she knows it will hurt Raghbir to see Kunti there but it is for his own good. 

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