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'Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai' written Update July 30: Vibhu & Tiwari Try To Quit Their Bad Habit

'Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai' written update July 30: In the latest episode, Tiwari & Vibhu try to quit drinking alcohol. Anu and Angoori help them do it.

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain written update

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai is a comedy Indian television daily soap that first aired on March 2, 2015, on the channel &TV. The show has one of the highest TRPs and reportedly is also one of the most-watched TV shows of the channel. Having been on the air for almost five years, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai went off-air in the mid of March 2020 due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. But, the show is back on air after over three months and has taken a turn that is making its fans happy. Here is the written update for the episode that aired on July 30, 2020. Read ahead to know more-

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai written update July 30

The July 30 episode starts with Anu calling Minni and Minni asks Anu what problems she is facing. Anu says sorry to her and says she is tired of her husband’s alcohol addiction. Minni also says that she also is facing the same issue with her husband Rohan. She then tells Anu to use love as a weapon and stop him. Anu agrees and says she will try it. Angoori also is very angry at Tiwari and calls Amaji and tells her that his son has become very addicted to alcohol.

She also tells him that her son and Vibhu keep wandering all over the town looking for drinks and come home late, and lies about it too. Amaji then tells her that alcoholics are shameless and tells her to trick to handle them and tells Angoori to use love as a weapon. After this Anu sees Vibhu is missing, Angoori also comes out and sees that Tiwari is missing. It turns out both of them are drinking downstairs.

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Anu sees this and says that both of them are shameless and Angoori adds that there is no hope from them. Vibhu then tells both of them they want to stop drinking and asks them to help them quit. Angoori tells them that she and Anu should stop talking to them. Vibhu says no and tells her that they should make them pegs so they fell ashamed and it ill help them leave it. Anu then says what if she starts drinking too. Anu says they have to choose between sleeping at home or on roads. Tiwari tells her to understand them. Anu then tells her to stop the melodrama, Vibhu & Tiwari then say that the time between 6-8 pm makes them do it. Anu then says let's do something of this time then.

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The boys are seen drinking while hiding from Saxena. Malkan and Tilu get in an argument and Teeka tells Malkan is right and says everyone has their own ways of drinking. Tilu adds to this by saying hiding is good for them because Saxena will come and hit us if he sees them drinking.  Teeka tells everyone to forget everything and says they should drink and enjoy it. He adds Saxena can never get us and Saxena walks to them. Malkan asks him about his health and Saxena says he is fine but the society is not, and says that the boys will also die like his father due to alcohol. He then determines to change the boys and make them understand life's importance Saxena whacks them hard.

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The Mishra's and Tiwari's get together and Anu keeps an alcohol bottle in the center of the table. Anu and Angoori say that this is their test and if they do not touch the bottle between 6-8 then they win. Tiwari then asks what will they get if they do not drink the alcohol. And Angoori says they will be allowed you once a month if they do this. Vibhu looks at the bottle and starts shivering. Anu helps him control and Angoori helps Tiwari. After some time Tiwari starts yelling, and Anu scolds him. Towards the end, Vibhu and Tiwari start blaming each other.

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