Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Written Update Of October 16, 2019

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay - Written update of October 16, 2019. In this episode, on one hand, Mr Bajaj tries to kill Anurag and on the other hand, Komolika is back.

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kasautii zindagii kay

The episode of October 16, 2019, of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 starts with Anurag and Anupam discussing the proof and Bajaj trying to listen to them from outside. Anurag finds something fishy and goes to check out but there was no one outside. He asks Anupam to go and sleep as he needs to sleep. Anurag thinks that as Mr Bajaj knows everything and that he will try to kill him before he exposes him by revealing his truth to Prerna. He prepares himself to defend from Bajaj’s attack.

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Bajaj recalls his manager telling him about Anurag getting to know about the reality. Komolika talks to Anurag’s photograph and claims that she is coming back to him and that this time, he will have to plead her to accept him. Bajaj thinks that he can’t take a risk because Anurag has the proof of the goons. He is well aware that Prerna will trust Anurag and definitely not him. He decides that now there is only one way to get rid of Basu and that is to murder him. He thinks that he always loves to see people suffering but Anurag selected the easiest way, that is to die. He says to himself that everything is fair in love and war.

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Bajaj attempts to kill Anurag

Bajaj goes towards Anupam’s room and locks it from outside. Prerna goes to get Kukki’s night clothes and Rishab thinks that they have not returned yet. He then locks Mohini and Sharda’s room too. He then feels that Prerna has returned and goes to check, and finds Prerna and Kukki sleeping while cuddling each other. He ponders that from now on, no one can separate their one happy family. He then comes out and locks their door too. He goes down and disconnects the wire of the CCTV camera. Moloy sees him doing that and wonders what is he doing. He then opens a box and removes a knife out of it along with a mask.

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Rishab also sees Moloy and goes near him. He tells Moloy that he is going to kill Anurag. He further says that he is wearing the mask for two reasons – one because he likes the mask and the other because he wants Anurag to die in doubt about who has killed him. Moloy begs him not to do so but he does not listen. He then tears the nearby curtain and ties Moloy's hands, legs and mouth. Bajaj then pushes the chair and Moloy falls down on the floor and Bajaj leaves towards Anurag’s room. As soon as he is about to stab Anurag, he wakes up and they both get into a fight. Anurag dodges Rishab’s attack and they both continue to fight. Everyone wakes up due to the noise but find their doors locked. Prerna and Anupam both finally manage to escape their locked door and find Moloy tied up on the floor. On the other side, Anurag is still struggling with Rishab and the latter takes off his mask. Moloy tries to get up but falls down and Prerna rushes to Anurag's room to see if he is fine.


Prerna says Bajaj that she married him only because she wanted him not to harm Anurag. She says that she will die if something happens to him. Bajaj pushes Prerna and is about to stab Anurag. On seeing this, Kukki runs to him but slips and her head get hurt. 

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