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'How To Get Away With Murder' Series Finale: Does Annalise Die?

How to Get Away with Murder series finale: Here are twists and turns in the finale episode of the series. Know more about the happenings in the show.

how to get away with a murder series finale

How to Get Away with Murder series finale is loaded with shocking twists and turns. From Tegan being in love with Annalise to Frank’s death, the last episode of the series has it all. Moreover, fans got answers to every question they had in their minds. Here’s what happened in How to Get Away with Murder series finale.

Here's what happened in the earlier episodes

Annalise blackmails Hannah to testify against the governor. In return, she demands Annalise to admit that she murdered Sam, for which she eventually agrees. However, Hannah is found dead and the cause turns out to be suicide. But Annalise and Bonnie suspect that either governed or Frank, with whom she shared everything had murdered her. The last episode follows the incident.

How to Get Away with Murder series finale

How to Get Away with Murder series finale rewinds to three days earlier when Annalise panics after learning about Hannah’s death. Frank is considered a culprit as he gets to know that he was born out of an incestuous relationship between Hannah and Annalise’s ex-husband Sam. However, later on, Governor Birkhead turns out to be the perpetrator.

Trying to find answers about his mother, Frank retrieves a flash drive from Hannah’s attorney at gunpoint. It emerges out to be a game-changer in Annalise’s case. On the other hand, Bonnie is concerned about Frank as she reveals the truth to him. So, she visits Laurel, who tells Bonnie that only she can make Frank happy. Eventually, the duo reunites.

In the first season, Frank believes Gabriel could be the surprise witness to testify against Annalise. So, he bribes him to not take the stand against her and tells him that Sam ordered him to kill Lila. In the courtroom, Laurel’s father Jorge takes the stand and denies connection with the governor. He also accuses Annalise and Tegan of conspiring against him. Ultimately, Jorge dies in prison.

Conner, who is weighted by guilt, thinks about coming clean. Oliver threatens to divorce him if he does not get the same deal as Michael. So, he visits Agent Lanford, who offers a new deal. However, Conner is suspicious of his motive and rejects the deal. Later on, Conner realises that Oliver got the new deal for testifying against Annalise and demands a divorce from him.

In the courtroom, the governor takes the stand and denies involvement with Nate Lahey Sr’s murder. Annalise shows a recording from the flash drive Frank retrieved. Hannah names the governor as the murderer. Annalise finds that Langford is offering $20 million to Nate and plans to discredit his testimony.

During his questioning, Nate lies and says Annalise did not frame him for Lila’s murder. Moreover, he blames Hannah for framing him and reveals that Langford is responsible for Asher’s death. Talking to Annalise, Nate tells that he is letting go of the hatred he had towards her. She ponders over Nate’s words and thinks about going to prison for her deeds.

Annalise boldly unmasks herself to the jury and reveals things that she did. As the jury deliberates, Tegan confesses her feelings for Annalise, who says that she cannot promise to keep her happy. After a long trial, Annalise is proved not guilty.

Connor is arrested and he thanks Oliver for everything. Michaela attempts to comfort the latter and tries reaching out to Laurel. Later on, she becomes a judge.


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Annalise holds a press conference and condemns FBI and the governor outside the court. On the other side, Frank visits the grave of Sam and Annalise’s unborn child. He attempts to right his wrongs, goes to the courthouse and reveals that he was responsible for the shooting. Bonnie tries stopping him but he shoots the governor. In the crossfire, Frank and Bonnie are shot and they succumb to their injuries.

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In the final moments of How to Get Away with Murder series finale, fans witness massive twists. In the present day, Annalise is in her old age. Christopher teaches How to Get Away with Murder course and about to begin his lecture. Annalise appears in his classroom and they smile at each other before she leaves.

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