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'Dead To Me' Season 2 Ending Explained | Will Jen Finally Get Arrested For Her Crime?

Dead to Me season 2 ending explained: Here is a detailed explanation of the last episode of Dead to Me season 2 and also what can be expected for Season 3.

dead to me season 2 ending

Dead to Me is a Netflix show starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. The show traces the life of two women who are going through therapy. Slowly, they get close to each other, but then realise that there are a lot of secrets between them. They support each other to the very end. The Dead to Me season 2 ending was full of twists and unexpected moments. 

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Dead to Me Season 2 ending explained

In the final episode of Dead to Me, Jen heads to the forest with Detective Perez to show her where they had buried Steve's body and she also reveals the reason behind his murder from her hands. After looking for the body for a long time, Perez gets tired and then leaves it there. Jen tells Perez that Judy is not involved in Steve's murder. Perez asks Jen why do people like Judy so much, who says that it is because she looks for the good in people, even if it is not present. 

The scene then shifts to Judy making breakfast for the kids and suddenly freaking out. She runs outside the house. When she returns, Charlie asks her for the truth and gives her a thumb drive and phone, which was from Steve's car. Trying to not reveal what is happening, Judy goes to the police station and gives Nick some information along with the drive and phone. She also tells him to not play the recordings in front of the Chief. 


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While the audience is led to believe that Jen will be arrested, a scene shows how she breaks down in Perez's car. She says how she has let her children down. Perez reassures her that Steve had a history of abuse that would help her in the court. Jen then claims how she lost her mother when she was young, and Perez says that she also lost her mother at a young age. Perez explains what will happen next but gets a text from Nick saying 'WE GOT HIM'. Perez immediately tells Jen how she will drop her off at home and that they were never there. She added that she does not want to be a cop, but be a person for now. 

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Judy sits all the children down and tells them how Jen loves them. She is about to reveal something when Jen walks in the door. She hugs her kids and Judy tells Jen how she did not give them the letters she wrote. 


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Jen apologizes to Judy and informs her that Perez let her go. Judy forgives her and the two hug. Jen then goes to brief counselling and tells everyone that she never grieved her mother. Judy goes to meet her mother in prison. Eleanor claims that having a baby made her a drug addict. Judy informs her mother that she has no money for a lawyer. Eleanor asks if Judy could write a letter to the parole board, but she refuses, claiming that Eleanor has not changed. 

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Unfortunately, a dog walker finds Steve's body. Perez, on the other hand, gives back Judy her paintings. Perez reveals that the chief is going to federal prison with other Greeks. Perez is still hurt and says that she hopes to never see Judy again. Judy is happy to get her paintings as she smashes the dramas and gets the money. She then uses this money for Jen so that she could buy the house from Lorna. Jen, on the other hand, gives Lorna the Wood estate as a parting gift. 


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Dead to Me season 2 spoilers

Ben gets bad news about his brother. Charlie finds the letter where Jen has said that she will confess about the murder. Jen and Judy buy Charlie a car and also celebrate the stop sign that Jen had petitioned to put up. As Jen tries to drive, they are hit by another car. It is drunk Ben, but the women do not see him. Jen wakes up and asks what happened to which Judy says, "We got hit". Dead to Me season 3 might explore Charlie's emotions, Ben's outrage and how Judy and Jen try to bring their life back to normalcy. 

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