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Who Is Michele Morrone's Ex-wife? Find More About The '365 DNI' Actor's Former Spouse

Who is Michele Morrone's ex-wife? The '365 DNI' actor has recently revealed some candid details of his life. Read to know more about his ex-wife and kids.

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who is michele morrone's wife

The Polish film 365 DNI released earlier in 2020, in international theatres. But the film has created quite a buzz since it's recently released on Netflix. The film is based on the book by the same name. 

365 DNI has brought a lot of fame to Italian actor Michele Morrone, as he plays the lead role of a mafia boss in this film. The 30-year-old actor has acted in several Italian and Polish films. But he has captured the attention of an international audience with 365 DNI. Hence, fans want to know more about his personal life. Read to find out, who is Michele Morrone’s ex-wife?


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Who is Michele Morrone’s ex-wife?

According to a report from a media portal, Michele Morrone is currently single. However, Michele was previously married to a fashion designer named Rouba Saadeh. Rouba Saadeh is the founder of "Le Paradis Des Fous", a lifestyle brand. The 30-year-old fashion designer's bio from her Instagram account, suggests that she is currently also working with Elie Saab, an esteemed Lebanese fashion designer. As per reports on some media portals Rouba Saadeh is of Arab origin. 


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Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh’s relationship

Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh reportedly, dated for a year before getting married in 2014. From what is evident on Rouba’s Instagram, the couple shared a fun and loving relationship. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long, as the couple parted ways in 2018. 

From their brief 4 year marriage, Michele and Rouba have two boys, Marcud Morrone and Brado Morrone. Reportedly, during their divorce, they agreed to the mutual consent of their kids. As per some reports, the couple still stays in touch.


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Michele Morrone’s struggle with depression

The Italian actor recently opened up about his struggle with depression in an Instagram post, which followed his divorce with Rouba Saadeh. He was struggling with his finances post his divorce and had taken some time off from acting. Morrone mentioned that he retreated to a small Italian village with about 1,000 settlers and became a gardener. However, he returned shortly after due to deep interest in acting and began doing theatre plays. Michele eventually backed roles in a few Italian and Polish films.


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365 DNI

The story of 365 DNI known as 365 Days in English, follows an executive played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who is stuck in a spiritless relationship and falls victim to a dominant mafia boss played by Michele Morrone. The mafia boss imprisons her and gives her one year to fall in love with him. 365 DNI is now streaming on Netflix.

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