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Who Is The Aerospace Engineer In 'WandaVision'? Could It Be The Next Marvel Superhero?

There's a mention of an aerospace engineer by Monica Rambeau in a conversation. So, let's find out, who is the Aerospace Engineer in WandaVision?

who is the aerospace engineer in wandavision

After the episode of WandaVision, fans have posed a lot of questions. There's a mention of an aerospace engineer in the series. Knowing Marvel doesn't drop these hints without any reason, speculation began on what the identity of this person could be. So, let's find out, who is the Aerospace Engineer in WandaVision?

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There are Wanda Vision spoilers ahead so be careful if you haven't yet seen the latest episode. “I know an aerospace engineer who’d be up for this challenge.” - Monica Rambeau's line has sent Marvel fans in a tizzy of speculation on this over-enthusiastic aero-space engineer could be. Marvel has a habit of dropping elaborate clues for their upcoming characters and events in their shows and movies. The throwaway line about that aero-space engineer has to mean something. Let's take a look at potential candidates who might be a good fit for this character. 

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Who is the Aerospace Engineer in WandaVision? Potential Candidates 

1. Reed Richards aka The Elastic Man from Fantastic Four

Marvel has announced they have definite plans to make Fantastic Four movies in the future. Monica's comment very likely refers to Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four. Before getting his powers, he was an aerospace scientist who built advanced tech or the government. Seeing how Tony Stark has left a big sized gap in the Marvel Universe, Reed Richards seems like the most likely candidate to replace him in the future. So be on the look for a 'Reed Richards' as Marvel is sure to hint at him in the future. 

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2. Dr Doom 

Victor Von Doom, a scientist and an engineer who becomes one of the greatest villains in the Marvel comics and has his own country in Eastern Europe which he rules. He is a very smart scientist and often has delusions of grandeur that lead him to commit villainous crimes. Doom is one of the most popular characters in Marvel as well. So it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if he showed up in the future. 

3. Adam Brashear is also known as Blue Marvel 

Adam Brashear is a relatively newer hero compared to the people mentioned above. He was introduced into the Marvel comics in 2008. The reason Adam Brashear is a potential candidate is that Monica and Adam have often served on the same team of superheroes in the comics, the Ultimates. So it would make sense that she would know him in real life too. 

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