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Oscars 2024: Lily Gladstone Teases Her Dress For The Event Will Be 'Museum-Worthy'

At a recent event, Lily Gladstone said that her dress at the Oscar awards 2024 will be 'museum-worthy'.

Lily Gladstone | Image:lilygladstone/Instagram

Lily Gladstone, who has been nominated in the Best Actress category for Academy Award, has teased that her dress at the event will be ‘museum-worthy’. While speaking to People magazine at the 26th Costume Designers Guild Awards, the actress shared that she thinks her attire will "definitely" be a "showstopper." The actress has been nominated for the film Killers of the Flower Moon

Lily Gladstone speaks about her Oscars outfit 

While speaking to People, Lily said, “Definitely museum-worthy, I would say.” She was referring to the dress that she is going to wear at the Oscar awards. She further added, “It's going to be just ongoing proof that Indigenous design belongs on red carpets with luxury fashion in a very centerpiece kind of way. I'm excited.”

File photo of Lily Gladstone | Image: Instagram

Lily Gladstone opens up about her parents’ reaction to her Oscars’ nomination 

Earlier, the actress revealed that she learned about her Oscar nomination while she was on a FaceTime call with her parents. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress revealed, “My mom had the camera flipped around, and she was filming the TV. And I told her, ‘No mom, I don’t want to learn from watching it through your phone. I wanna learn from your and dad’s faces.” She added, “Sure enough, I could barely hear my name through the phone, but their reaction told me that it was a nod.” 

File photo of Lily Gladstone | Image: Instagram

With this nomination, Gladstone has become the first indigenous actor to achieve this stride. 


The actress reacted to her Oscar nomination, calling it "incredible," she shared how much it means to her. According to ABC News, the actress said, "I'm definitely bellowing my voice back to my childhood self, congratulating her," she said. "And it was incredible. I got to be on the phone with my parents during this moment and just the outpouring of love, especially from Indian country, just immediately -- I made a point of being in Osage County on the Osage reservation for what hopefully would have been the announcement. So, definitely remembering Mollie Kyle, the most incredible community that made this moment possible, and absolutely wanted to share it here."


Published February 23rd, 2024 at 15:09 IST