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12th Fail Director Vidhu Vinod Chopra 'Threatened' Producer For Disturbing Shoot

Vidhu Vinod Chopra opened up about a challenge he faced during the shoot of his latest flick 12th Fail. The filmmaker recalled threatening a producer.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra
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Vidhu Vinod Chopra is basking in the success of his recent outing 12th Fail. The film released on October 27 in theatres and then debuted on OTT on December 29. The Vikrant Massey starrer has left an impact on the audience who are still singing praises of the film. As the movie completed 100 days in theatres, the cast and crew came together to celebrate it. At the event, director Vidhu Vinod Chopra recalled an incident on the sets of the film. 

Vidhu Vinod Chopra recalls an annoying incident on the 12th Fail set 

At the 12th Fail success event, Vidhu Vinod Chopra recalled an incident when the shoot of the film was disturbed. He recalled losing his cool during the shoot when noises came in the way of a shot. The filmmaker recalled, “We were shooting in sync sound. And suddenly there was loud dance music! Finally, I stopped the shoot, and told my whole crew to come with me.” 

He then continued that he took the bridge of people with him to march to the other studio and stop the sound. He added, “The producer, whose identity you might learn later, told me, ‘Arey tum gundagardi kar rahe ho’ and I shot back, ‘Main sar toduga tera!’ This is Film City, we make cinema here, ye tum log kya ghatiya kar rahe ho?” He then urged people to move a petition seeking a ban on non-film functions in the Film City premises which hamper the shoots going on in the vicinity.

When people doubted Vidhu’s 12th Fail

At a special event celebrating the film's success, Vidhu Vinod Chopra engaged in conversation with lead actor Vikrant Massey, who inquired about the filmmaker's reflections on the movie 100 days later. Chopra talked about the importance of honest filmmaking while recounting the initial scepticism surrounding the film's theatrical release.

He recalled, “When I was making the film, I was told by everyone, including my dearest wife (film critic Anupama Chopra), to put it out on OTT! She said, ‘Nobody will go to see Vinod! Teri aur Vikrant ki film!’ She told me I don’t know, that I’m not connected with movies (anymore). On top of this, these (trade) agencies were writing that it’ll open at Rs 2 lakhs and do a lifetime business of Rs 30 lakhs! Everyone scared me.”


Published February 5th, 2024 at 17:59 IST

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