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Aamir Khan rings in the New Year with Saira Banu, the latter pens emotional note

In the posted pictures, Saira Banu and Aamir Khan can be seen lounging with Aamir’s mother Zeenat and ex-wife Kiran Rao at Saira Banu's residence.

Aamir Khan, Saira Banu
Aamir Khan, Saira Banu | Image:Instagram

Veteran actress and wife of late acting legend Dilip Kumar has been one of the rare old-timer celebrities who has reinvented herself thanks to social media. The actress consistently shares throwback photo and anecdotes of her working experience in the film industry. In a new Instagram update, while wishing her followers on the occasion of new year, Saira Banu uploaded a few pictures with Aamir Khan, which have taken Bollywood fans by total surprise.

Saira Banu with Aamir Khan and his mother | Image: Instagram

Aamir has been an unchangeable presence: Saira Banu

While Aamir Khan and Dilip Kumar never worked together on a film project, Aamir Khan has always been very vocal in his admiration and appreciation of the Naya Daur actor who was active in the Hindi film industry for nearly 50 years.

Saira Banu in her latest Instagram post, shared a photo of her and Aamir Khan, with Aamir gently seated near Saira Banu’s feet. In her post caption, Saira Banu penned, “For Sahib and me, Aamir has been this unchangeable presence. To this day, Aamir still holds a deep admiration for Dilip Sahib and everything he brought to Indian Cinema. It's mutual. Sahib has always had a genuine appreciation for Aamir's acting brilliance and how he flawlessly brings characters to life on screen. I've always been moved by Aamir's artistry – not just in his films, but also in the way he's embraced the role of a family member in Sahib's and my life.”


Saira recalled an instance of Aamir’s generosity

Saira Banu also noted in her Instagram post how Aamir Khan stepped up to offer support and lend a helping hand while the actress was trying to put together Dilip Kumar’s autobiography. “It's moments like these that make you truly appreciate the kind of person he is, going beyond just the glitz and glamour of the film industry,” Saira Banu added.

Aamir Khan along with Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan and Saira Banu at Dilip Kumar's autobiography launch | Image: Pinterest

In the posted pictures, Saira Banu and Aamir Khan can be seen with Aamir’s mother Zeenat, and ex-wife Kiran Rao. 


Published January 2nd, 2024 at 20:40 IST

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